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Luke Edwards

Best Buy Theater 1515 Broadway New York Ny 10036

The PlayStation Theater (formerly known as the Best Buy Theater and Nokia Theater) in Times Square is an indoor theatre, owned and managed by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), located on 1515 Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and 44th street. It was designed by architect David Rockwell and opened in September 2005. The venue has a large standing room orchestra section, combined with a large area of seating towards the rear of the auditorium. In September 2010, it was announced that Best Buy had purchased the naming rights to the venue following Nokia's decision not to renew its contract with AEG. At the time of its construction, it replaced a historic theater called Astor Plaza, which closed in August 2004. The estimated total cost of the transformation was $21 million.

best buy theater 1515 broadway new york ny 10036


Acquired by SL Green in the first major real estate transaction the midst of the market downturn in 2002, the building has gone through a complete make-over which has included the full re-positioning of all retail space, a comprehensive redevelopment program and revenue enhancement with state-of-the-art LED advertising signage. In addition to being anchored by Viacom, 1515 Broadway is also home to the Minskoff Theater, one of the city's largest live performance theaters and Best Buy Theater, which is the city's premier rock concert venue together with other national retailers such as Billabong, Aeropostale and Oakley. 041b061a72


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