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Santiago Stewart
Santiago Stewart

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monitor live http session (in ie add-on edition)monitor live http session feature can help you track the web page and the web pages response time in real time. this feature is most useful for real time monitoring a live web page.

IEInspector HTTP Analyzer Full Edition V7.0.2.431 Incl Keymaker- Keygen

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displays the http headers sent by your browser (in ie add-on edition)http headers generated by a web browser during the http request/response transmission. you can view headers using the go to line feature. it is especially useful when you want to inspect http headers, including headers, cookies, location, and user agent.

logging application extensibilityeach request/response session is automatically saved to the log file.each session can be set for logging based on the rules you specify. and the multiple sessions can be merged together to a single session (self-reconciliation feature).http analyzer's logging engine can also load/save from any of the other extension sessions.

task extendedsave and restore tasks. you can create.ipa files (.zip in rar format) for backups/restores copy & paste files to clipboard. save files in the desktop, in the explorer context menu, in a specified files to specified location. separate log files in the specified folder. data file (..) http web, upload, download, ftp, http. cookie can be saved into a cookie file.log file file. you can transfer the log file and data file to another pc.

file compressioncompression can be set as following: log, data, log+datazip for log and data file compressionzip for log and data file compression and base64-encoded data7-zip for log and data file compression (zlib and gzip) for log and data file compression.


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