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The Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software market in general has matured and can address large scale client needs. Similar needs are found within smaller data center spaces. The difference is that the operational teams are different. To address this market, Claridion has setup DCIM-As-A-Service offering with Datacenter Clarity LC powered by the PI System for its real-time monitoring and data archiving capabilities. Data centers are the factories of the 21st century. Taking a closer look, one can see that many processes in the 20th century facilities and the newer facilities are very similar. Managing and monitoring the lifecycle of a data center infrastructure has become a must-do on most data center managers' list, including the smaller ones - due to the increased complexity brought about by virtualization projects. This presentation will explain how the Datacenter Clarity LC powered by the PI System addresses the DCIM-As-A-Service market and also serves as a comprehensive DCIM solution.

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