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Experience Realistic Ship Navigation with Ship Simulator 2008 Full Version Crack Download

With Ship Simulator 2008 you can only drive on peaceful vessels. Instead of participating in naval battles, here you offer to do a completely different job. For example: transporting passengers, cargo containers or oil, rescuing people in distress, towing platforms, etc. There are a total of 30 such missions in the game. Among them are fast-paced fun, like jumping over trampolines, racing and slalom, water taxi tourists. There is also an editor that you can use to create your own tasks. You can control 16 different ship types. These include liners, tankers, boats, yachts, barges and even the well-known Titanic.

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Ship Simulator 2008 is a realistic simulation game that puts players at the helm of some of the most varied and detailed ships to be found at sea. Players will need to perform a multitude of tasks, all set within a realistic 3D environment, taking control of a wide array of ship types - from massive cargo ships and ferries, to speedboats, yachts, water taxis and even the mighty Titanic.


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