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Shemale Thumbs Smoking

This shemale porn picture gallery SMOKING SHEMALE CAPTIONS Blowjobs,Funny,Shemales (Shemale) was found on at Oct 18 2013. It contains 9 shemale pics and has been watched 31 times in total and 14 times today.

shemale thumbs smoking

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looks like i have me a new young bitch to fuck now. i was at the tire shop today getting new tires on my truck when a sexy little shemale there think she was getting a flat fixed not sure and dont care. i walked out to smoke and when i did a couple minutes later she came out to smoke also. i was about to say hi when out of the blue she ask are you SO AND SO i said yep. then she just out right said i need you to help me. then she told me she is a bottom virgin. and was told that i wouldn't hurt her. damn i felt great hearing that. i told her when my truck comes out i will give her my address and she can come by anytime. and she told me she knows where i live and she just needs me to tell her when. so i said do you mind if people are there or do you want to be alone. she said alone at least the first time. so i told her 7 pm where that and no panties and be clean shaven if she isn't. she said she was. and let me tell you she showed up at 7 pm on the dot. i figured she would be shy when she came in and was a little but not near as shy as i thought. she told me his G?F was the same size as him. thats why he dates her and she thought something was up with him but wasn't sure until he went out of town for 3 weeks and came back with B cup tits the same size as hers. she packed her bags and left that day and he is wearing what she left behind. then one of his friends tried to rape him with no lube but couldnt get it in but hurt his ass so bad its taken him another 2 months to even try to bottom again. now he said he has sucked alot of dicks and topped about 5 guys but never bottomed. then he heard i will be gentle. and really wants it so i said no trouble. took her by the hand and stood her up and slipped her shirt off and sure enough there was some nice little perky tits. i leaned down and start licking at her neck and worked my way down to her tits. as i did i reached under her skirt and started touching her penis and rubbing it not touching the balls. then as i went 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large load of cum . then i took her by the hand and lead her to the shower and i gave her a shower from head to toe. i cleaned her up nice and sweet. i watched her get dress and about the time she slid her top on my friend Bob showed up and she was getting ready to leave and i told her she need to kiss it goodby and from now on when she comes over she needs to kiss it hello and good bye before she leaves and she looked over and bob and he leaned in and kissed it hello so she leaned over and kissed it goodbye. and before she left i told bob to show her what she can have anytime she wants he pulled out his 8 3/4 in fat cock. she got a shock look on her face. i told her its up to her noone is forced to do anything they dont want to here. never. she said she would like to come back and i told her if she sees my truck i'm here. but there might be someone else here. but if she wasnts to be alone we can go to that room again. if not we can fuck infront of everyone that is there man and women. from 18 to 84 we had a 87 year old that would come join in sometimes but sorry to say he passed away a few years back. and we dont care the color of the skin if they are skinny tiny or big and fat. male or female. just no drugs we see one track there out of here and will never be allowed back. she said great. i cant wait until that sexy little thing comes back because i want to know her name. 041b061a72


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