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Watch The 100 S03E06 1 =LINK=

If you made it all the way to the end of this review, I salute you. Now, what did you think of "Bitter Harvest"? Let's discuss! Remember that you can watch The 100 online here at TV Fanatic if you've missed any episodes.

Watch The 100 S03E06 1

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This week's recappers include Chandra Steele, Victoria Song, Eric Griffith, Tom Brant, Matthew Buzzi, and Rob Marvin. We watched the episode at lunch if you wonder why food is very much on our minds. We had to wait 20 minutes for Tom to pick up a simple salad (also Rob's lunch choice), and then we discovered that the Red Wheelbarrow of Mr. Robot's universe is a Cambodian sandwich shop(Opens in a new window) that we frequent in our universe.

Happy Valley season 3 concludes on Sunday 5th February at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The first two seasons are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide or visit our Drama hub for more news and features.

Viewership was also up slightly in Australia, but decreased in Canada and hit a season low in the United Kingdom, where "Mash Off" was watched on Sky1 by 900,000 viewers, down over 7% compared to "The First Time" the previous week, when 973,000 viewers were watching.[12] In Australia, "Mash Off" was watched by 683,000 viewers, which made Glee the fourteenth most-watched program of the night for the second week in a row. The viewership was up slightly from the previous episode, which was seen by 660,000 viewers.[13] In Canada, viewership was down slightly and 1.64 million viewers watched the episode, which made it the eighteenth most-viewed show of the week, down three slots but only 20,000 viewers from the 1.66 million viewers who watched "The First Time" the week before.[14]

The character development of Santana and her interactions with Finn were well received by critics. Poniewozik stated that Santana confronting her sexuality was one of the highlights of "Mash Off".[23] Wightman commented that despite Santana's callous personality, "watching her burst into tears and sob that she hasn't even told her parents about her sexuality yet [was] heartbreaking".[21] Robert Canning of IGN wrote, "The biggest development was the unexpected way Santana's sexuality became public. It was a nice way to end things, building tension towards hopefully more resonating episodes to come."[24] VanDerWerff said that "the last five minutes of this episode are phenomenal, one of those times that the show gets the mix of tones just right and something that's vaguely comedic gets more and more horrifying and dramatic, and then we plunge down the rabbit hole and everything goes nuts."[22] To Ryan Gajewski of Wetpaint, the scene that concluded "Mash Off" was a "fascinating twist, and one that makes it hard to choose sides". He added, "Santana has certainly been not-exactly-cuddly these past few weeks, but it's still clear that Finn totally crossed the line."[25]

The episode's concluding musical number, "Rumour Has It" / "Someone Like You", was acclaimed as its main highlight. Raymund Flandez described Rivera's vocals as "electrifying" and "golden".[17] Futterman wrote that the performance was one of Glee's best sequences: "Mercedes and Santana nail their vocals and the song combines great tracks from one of the year's biggest albums while capturing both the sass and sadness of the Troubletones at this particular moment."[15] Votta called it the best performance since the cast's rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" in the season one finale, "Journey to Regionals", and stated, "Naya Rivera's powerful vocals and the strong arrangement still packs the emotional punch Glee was targeting."[29] Chaney awarded the sequence an "A+" grade: "Given the emotional stakes raised by Santana's outing, which happened in the scene right before this performance, and the fact that it marked the series's 300th musical performance, this marriage" of the two Adele songs, "Rumour Has It" and "Someone Like You", was "all the more powerful".[31] Moyler asserted that the number was "perfection" and said, "This is why I watch Glee. It is just brilliant from Mercedes first belting to the snaps on the beat to the choreography with the girls walking in a circle and making little whispers to Santana bringing tears to my eyes singing 'Someone Like You' as if it was the last song she'll ever sing in her damn life."[30] Cinema Blend's Melissa Duko stated that the show "hit it out of the park" and added that it was her favorite performance of the season.[32] Slezak gave the number an "A+" and wrote, "Nobody can completely match Adele doing Adele, and yet Naya Rivera and Amber Riley somehow made the sum of this mashup a worthy equal to Adele's glorious original parts."[20] In December 2012, TV Guide named the mash-up one of Glee's best performances.[33]

The Popcast determined that the change was most likely due to (1) advertising scheduling concerns, (2) Disney's desire for the Fox channel to focus on sports and news, and (3) the show's very large streaming audience, most of whom watched through Hulu.[93]

As of September 26, 2022, the third season of The Orville has a 100% fresh rating from critics with 13 reviews. Alex Maidy of JoBlo's Movie Network stated that "The Orville: New Horizons marks a reset for the inconsistent first two seasons of this show and deserves to be on your watchlist more than ever," while Albert Carlos of Espinof felt that "Beyond feeling a little disappointed with the last act of the season, the journey is all that matters." For audience ratings, the season has a score of 81% fresh with 690 ratings.[109] The episode "Domino" holds a user score of 9.3 at IMDb, the highest for any of the series, and eclipsing "Identity, Pt. 1" and "Identity, Pt. 2."[110]

Chandler interviews Eric, a fashion photographer who informs Chandler that models would be at the apartment from time to time if he was to move in, and that his sister is a porn star. Chandler decides that Eric will be his new roommate and rushes through his interview with Joey after the latter believed him to be gay until Chandler tells him otherwise. Mr. Heckles shows up and when Eric informs Heckles that he is moving in with Chandler, Heckles claims that he is Chandler's roommate and sends Eric away. Chandler thinks he just never showed up, being angry with him and reluctantly accepts Joey as his new roommate, which Monica approves of. They bond over Baywatch and beers.

Last week on Mythic Quest, Ian seemed aimless amid the birth of Playpen, designed by Poppy and championed by Dana. The latter two characters got to know each other a little better over the course of the episode, and it was fun to watch Dana pick Poppy up off the floor in more ways than one. Meanwhile, both Carol and Rachel got pretty big promotions, and I suspect everything has worked out exactly as Brad envisioned. 041b061a72


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