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Ghana Judo started in late 1960 when the late President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah introduced it to Ghana's young pioneers. After the 1966 overthrow of the president, judo became a doormat sport in Ghana. Former IGP C. K. Duwornu and DR. Abu Sakara among others practiced Judo at that time/


It  Was in 1971 when Mr. Tony Turkson working with then Ghana Airways now Reverend Minister opened the Accra Judo Club at the National Art Center. During the same time, Mr. Vitte French expatriate also working with the C.F.A.O in Ghana opened a dojo at their office in Accra near the children's hospital called Ashanti Judo Club. Two other clubs were later opened at the security services. The Military Academy P/T School (MATS) Teshie- Accra and Police Depot Training School-Accra. In 1973, Four Japanese Judo experts visited Ghana through the sponsorship of the Japanese Foreign Ministry to demonstrate the art of Judo for Ghanaians. 


In 1974 another Judo mission visited Ghana as part of a cultural exchange program. During the same period, three army personnel were sent to Kodokan Japan for two years. Upon this event, the Ghana Judo Association was formed in 1975. When Ghana Judo Association had its first Japanese Judo Coach attached the National Sports Council. The game of Judo then became a recognized national sport and had developed to the youth level all over the years till today.

Events such as Judo competition are National Judo Championship, Japan Ambassador Judo Cup, Jaagha Judo Championship, J.I.C.A Judo Championship and others by the French Embassy-Ghana culture affairs office also sponsored International Judo coaching Course for Ghanaian Judokas in Ghana. Development programmers were created to develop the game of Judo to the Schools through Judo demonstrations and follow-up training sections.



Ghanaians also participated in many International Championships such as:

  • 1st Ecowas Games                        [Lagos  1977]

  • 7th Judo Commonwealth Games [Edinburg Scotland 1998]

  • 7th All Africa Game [Johannesburg 1999]

  • Commonwealth Games Manchester [England 2002]

  • All Africa Games [Abuja Nigeria 2003]

  • 12th Commonwealth Games [Mauritius Jan 2008 ]

  • Judo World Cup [Egypt-Cairo 2010]

  • All Africa Games [Maputo 2011]

  • Olympic Games [London 2012]

  • Commonwealth games Scotland 2014

  • Africa games Congo Brazzaville 2015 

  • RIO Olympic games 2016

  • Africa games Morocco Rabat 2019 

  • AJU Open Judo Championship [Agadril Morocco 2013]

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic games 


A lot of Ghanaian judokas have participated in many championships such as the grand slams, grand prix, judo masters, and many more.  Ghanaian judokas have really excelled in in their quest in international championships. They have won lots of medals for the country. Players like Kwadwo Anani who represented Ghana at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games won siiver. Emmanuel Nartey, the most decorated judoka, Sandra Sodedzi, Victor Ahiavor and Razak Abugri. Other are David Buernor, Eleazer Dodoo, Dominic Agudoo, Jones Mintah, Abdulla Adzinu, Elkanah Dodoo, Rachel Kotey, Evelyn Dzato, Abel Aziz Addy and Rashid A lhassan to mention a few.

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From 1976-2011 twelve Japanese Coaches worked in Ghana as part of the Japan Embassy/J.I.C.A sponsorship to the association. In 1976 and 1980 two Ghanaians went to Egypt for a Judo training course. Over the years five Ghanaians also went for the Judo Coaching course in Japan for ten months, through J.I.C.A. scholarships. In 2003 and 2005 another two Judo players also went abroad, one went to Germany for 3 months training course and one went to Hungary for 3 months training course under a scholarship from the Olympic Solidarity. At the moment Judo is being practiced in many parts of the country, from all communities, people are enrolling daily to take Judo lessons for Self-discipline, as a sport, Self defense and Keeping fit.

Japanese Coaches who have visited Ghana are:

  • Mr. Tatewaki  6 Dan    1976 ---1978 [ Japan Foundation]

  • Mr. Nobuaki Yamamoto 6 Dan    1978 – 1980 [Japan Foundation]

  • Mr. Yasuo Osanai 4 Dan 1982-1984 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Takayoshi Takei 4 Dan 1984 – 1987 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Massaki Nagasawa 1987-1991 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Yoshifumi Tanaka 1991-1993   [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Mizuaki Suzuki 4 Dan  1994-1997 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Osamu Suzuki 4 Dan  1997-1998  [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Takayuki Uchiyama 4 Dan 1997-1999 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Shimpei Tujimoto  3 Dan 1999-2001 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Koichi Kamuhara  3 Dan  2001-2003  [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Eguchi Yukimitsu 6 Dan 2009 – 2011 [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Tasuko                   3 Dan  2014-2016  [J.O.C.V.]

  • Mr. Diado Yujiro        3 Dan  2017-2019 [J.O.C.V.]

Ghanaians who traveled outside for Judo studies:

  • Mr. (sgt) Ben Dogbe [Police] Japan 1979-1981

  • Mr. Shandorf [GTP] Egypt 1979 [6 months]

  • Mr. Andrews Williams [Student] Egypt 1981 [10 months]

  • Mr. Daniel Tetteh [Prisons officer] Japan 1991-1992 [10 months]

  • Mr. Edward Jones [CEPS] Japan 1993 – 1994 [10 months]

  • Mr. Peter Mensah [Prisons officer] Japan 1994-1995 [10 months]

  • Mr. Joseph N.D. Dodoo [N.S.C.] Japan 1998-1999 [10 months]

  • Mr. Bruce Adjaho [Germany 2003 ] 3 months

  • Mr. Ezekiel N.D. Dodoo [Hungary 2005] 3 months. (Japan 2019) 3months



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