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Blade Runner Sketchbook 2021

Although no longer in print, the Sketchbook is still available from a few sources in very limited numbers. The work of Syd Mead is always in demand, and it seems like the Bladerunner series is going anywhere either, with plans afoot to create more films based in the Ridley Scott universe.

Blade Runner Sketchbook

Blade Runner was released almost 30 years ago, but it seems like new material will always continue to surface, and now director Ridley Scott and production designer Syd Mead's out-of-print Blade Runner sketchbook has gone online. It would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy a used version, but some good-hearted human being has decided to take his rare copy, scan the pages, and post them online. I haven't watched Blade Runner in years so I don't really have any favorite images from the sketchbook (although I can certainly continue to appreciate Mead's brilliant designs). But for fans of Scott's classic sci-fi flick, this a must-see.

If you're a fan of concept designers, like Syd Mead (Tron, Aliens, Star Trek), you've got to check out the "Blade Runner Sketchbook". Blade Runner (1982) is a Ridley Scott film starring Harrison Ford as a Rick Deckard prowls the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles. He's a 'blade runner' stalking genetically made criminal replicants.Besides the amazing and rare concept art in the book, we also find and interesting glimpse into the mind of visionary director Ridley Scott. He was so concerned with the shape and visual profile of the objects in his film that he had Syd Mead redesign parking meters from sleek cylinders to make them chunky and more interesting. Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan's 1940's inspired costumes are in full display too. Here are some samples from the book. Interior Deckard's apartment entryInterior "Spinner" vehicleAlternate police "spinner" vehicle designFire hydrant designsParking meter designAlternate "spinner" vehicle designDeckard gun design You can use the embedded book below to read it.Open publication - Free publishing - More blade runner You can find the book online courtesy of Futurenoir and see more of Syd Mead's designs at sydmead.comEven though the book is out of print you can still get a copy by searching Amazon or eBay. Just get ready to drop a couple of hundred dollars.Via 041b061a72


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