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AmiBroker 4.80.2 AmiQuote Serial Key: How to Use Them Together for Charting, Backtesting, Optimization, and Automation

A powerful trading application featuring a Cartesian (discrete) market, a charting interface, and advanced charting tools. AmiBroker Pro includes a day trading package which enables users to chart manually or run algorithms in real-time trading markets and testing markets. It also includes backtesting tools, including portfolio management, to analyze different trading strategies.

AmiBroker 4.80.2 AmiQuote Serial Key

From PivotPoints and OrderEntry to Technical Analysis and Portfolio Management, AmiBroker Pro gives you everything needed to design profitable trading strategies. Trade using a custom market (in a secondary chart) or manually (in a primary chart). You can trade with the market data in real time or post processing. Automated backtesting will allow you to create optimal trading strategies.

As is common with extremely customizable interfaces, you can add the control panel in many different ways. The first time you open up the control panel, it shows all of the AmiBroker functions, but even after it's reopened, you can still organize it to your heart's content. Notably, you can lock or hide individual sections to avoid having to look at them while debugging a particular function.

The trade back and forth interface is a large part of AmiBroker and appears in nearly all of its features. It lists the trades that have been executed since you last ran it. You can choose to include, exclude, or reorder the trades from your past runs.

If you need to manage many different parameters for a particular optimization, AmiBroker has its own optimization settings dialog. Right-click options, such as regression selection and cost minimization, are included, but typically you'll want to modify the settings manually. The dialogs can be resized and reordered to suit your needs, with the ability to cut and paste specific sections between dialogs.


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