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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

Renewable Energy By Godfrey Boyle Third Edition

To learn in brief about the various renewable energy sources available. To study the major instruments and machines used in each of the renewable technology from economic and design perspective. A major part of the course focuses on solar energy and its applications and energy economics which is interesting.

Renewable energy by godfrey boyle third edition

Addressing the energy challenge confronting society is a strategic research theme for Strathclyde. Researchers from across the institution, spanning multiple disciplines, are therefore working together to understand ways of reducing the environmental impacts of energy use, improving energy efficiency, coping with declining fossil fuel supplies, managing an ageing energy infrastructure, and devising policy or economic levers to achieve higher penetration of renewable energy systems and technologies. Strathprints makes this scholarly research content available Open Access thereby ensuring results are available to everyone in order meet the global climate challenge.


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