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WhatsUp Gold Full Version: The Ultimate Network Monitoring Solution

whatsup golds application monitoring features allow you to monitor and manage the windows and lamp applications on your network. the application monitoring features include monitoring the cpu, memory, network, disk space, application i/o, and application time on your network.

whatsup gold full version download

Download Zip:

whatsup golds network management features allow you to view and manage all network devices in your network including windows, lamp, wireless and wireless controller. you can view device configurations, apply configuration changes, and manage those changes through the configuration files.

whatsup golds mime scan and mime filtering features allow you to monitor and manage all mime types on your network. you can perform a scan against all of the mime types, scan specific mime types, scan mime types within a file, scan all mime types within a file, scan all files within a mime type, or scan specific files within a mime type.

alerting and reporting alerting lets you monitor changes in device configurations and configuration settings. you can specify which settings to check and which events to monitor as alerts. whatsup golds alerting engine is configurable to monitor and react to events such as: windows, linux or java applications crashing, network traffic changes, device configuration changes, and protocol changes.

version and certificate management the whosup gold license manager enables you to manage the distribution and distribution of the licensed software, including software updates, as well as the installation and removal of new software. the program also provides a comprehensive audit trail of who installed the software and when. the program licenses manager allows you to set license keys and restrictions to avoid unlicensed use of the software.


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