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Santiago Stewart
Santiago Stewart

Katharine Cane

Katharine Roberts was out campaigning for her candidate for mayor, when she heard about the US attacks against the Taliban and an antiwar rally in Times Square. She raced home, as best she could with her cane, got her peace button, and then joined several thousand others to protest the US military response.

katharine cane

In the authors' second study, participants were a random sample of sugar cane farmers in Tamil Nadu in southern India. They were interviewed before and after the cane harvest. Pre-harvest the farmers faced more significant financial pressures (as measured by criteria such as numbers of pawned items, numbers of loans, and the like) than post-harvest. Performance on cognitive function tests was significantly higher post-harvest than pre-harvest. Because the cane harvest extends over a considerable time period, the authors were able to control for calendar effects; the difference was similar early or later in the 5 month period of the harvest. The authors conclude that poverty has about the same cognitive consequences as the loss of a night's sleep. 041b061a72


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