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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

Pressure TestMasterChef Australia : Season 4 Ep... 2021

After the blue team lost the Wedding Team Challenge, they had to cook a pasta dish and the judges announced that instead of 1 person being eliminated, the 2 people with the worst pasta dishes will be eliminated, Jake, Lee, Mike, and Tracy have 90 minutes to cook a pasta dish, Mike's pasta was good enough for him to be safe while Lee, Jake and Tracy were in the bottom 3, Tracy is the first one eliminated due to her Lasagna being over seasoned with bolognaise and Jake is the second one eliminated due to his Stuffed Calamari Pasta lacked the sauce, Lee survived the pressure test.

Pressure TestMasterChef Australia : Season 4 Ep...

Initially, Leslie was shown to be a grumpy, senile, and pretentious old man. He also had the tendency to be cocky (although he had the talent to back it up) and talk a lot, which usually rubbed most of the other cooks in the wrong way, leading them to immediately underestimate him and consider him as a weak link, while quickly beginning to dislike him for how he came off. However, when he was good, he was really good, and managed to prove everybody wrong by being one of the strongest and most consistent cooks in individual challenges, excelling in every pressure test by a mile except for one that led to his elimination, and was considered to be in an entire league of his own. He could act in a slight childish manner and could explode on his teammates and competitors with extremely snide, ageist, and condescending remarks (with Ahran being the most notable example). However, he later toned down his anger over time and became friendly, energetic, and kind as the season progressed, which eventually led him to earn the respect for the other cooks. He had a minor clash with Elizabeth over his talkative behavior, but he quickly mended fences with her, and also had a short-lived feud with Daniel due to latter making uncalled for negative comments on him at every chance he got for no reason and also for his rude, disrespectful, and petty behavior. However, he had an explosive long-lived running feud with Cutter in due part of his cockiness, but mainly because of the latter's arrogance, stubbornness, refusal to admit his mistakes, and obnoxious behavior. Despite this, he managed to develop friendships with Francis L., Willie, Victoria, and a close father-daughter-like friendship with Ahran despite some early issues with each other, but was disliked by Courtney, Christian, and Christine. 041b061a72


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