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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

What You Need to Know About Madeira X v1.01 Update 1 for FSX and P3D

madeira's curfew is lifted and nightclubs reopen on friday, october 15, 2021.mask use remains mandatory in closed spaces.masks are recommended. disinfectants and social distancing rules will continue to be enforced.nightlife venues and clubs resume normal operations(vaccination certificate required).all industrial, commercial, and service activities begin again(provided that the health rules issued by the competent health authorities are followed).restaurants/bars/similar establishments begin normal operations(provided that the health rules issued by the competent health authorities are followed).sports activities return to home visits will now be permitted without restrictions, as long as the health rules issued by the appropriate health authorities are followed (rapid test for visitors remains mandatory).

FSX - Madeira X v1.01 Update 1

31st marchthe region has imposed comprehensive and strict measures to protect the health and safety of residents, visitors and those working in madeira. the implementation of these measures has been underway since late february, when the first cases of the virus were identified in the district of valverde. these measures have been continually adapted, keeping in mind the recommendations of the world health organization (who).with the gradual easing of the restrictions we continue to monitor the situation in a closely related manner to ensure that everyone remains safe. it is likely that more measures to limit movements in society will need to be implemented within the next days in order to mitigate the expected rise in the number of new cases. all people who return to the region are advised to self-isolate for 14 days, and the government has announced that from 23:00tonight, friday 6th april, we will begin to impose a strict curfew in the region. this will come into force at 05:00 monday 10th april.


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