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Santiago Stewart
Santiago Stewart

World of Tanks ile savaş tarihine tanıklık edin - Oyunu hemen indirin

"- NEW BRANCH of Soviet light tanks. They're nimble scouts, and the T-100 LT and other higher-tier tanks feature a new spotting mechanic. - NEW MODE! Try out one of the squad roles in Big Boss!- LUNAR NEW YEAR! Take part in two events: ""Dance of the Tiger"" with the Steyr WT among rewards and ""Legend of the Three Warriors"" with three tanks to choose from.- Straight from Titan Labs: OPERATION Field Test and the armored Titan-150."

world of tanks indir

From a long-term perspective, we hope that by creating and refining a role system for vehicles in Sandbox, we can create a refined system of interaction between different types of tanks in a battle. From a short-term perspective, we will adjust vehicle balances, eliminate obviously imbalanced tanks, and permit players to test these balance changes (and the interaction of vehicles roles) before they are actually implemented.

We are rebalancing tanks that are over-powered. There can't be any super-armor and super-alpha damage tanks, but I don't really like the current balance on the T110E3. It'll be upgraded later. We also need to take into account that the rebalance will limit the number of tier X tanks in each battle.

This is certainly a concern, and as such we will be working to make things as clear as possible through information in the client and on the the website. We will be moving to the new vehicle role model gradually, so that players have time to adjust. Our aim is to provide additional information to the players about their tanks' strengths and weaknesses.

Currently, all vehicle types can perform different roles -- vehicles of each type (except for SPGs and some light tanks) can perform different roles effectively. However, this also means that players use similar tactics when driving different vehicles of the same type, which can make gameplay monotonous regardless of the fact that they are not using the exact same vehicle all the time.


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