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Angela C. Wild, co-founder of Get the L Out, commented that "the trans ideology is so silencing everywhere", and that lesbians "are still extremely scared to speak". Her social media survey of eighty lesbians found that 56% were "pressured or coerced to accept a trans woman as a sexual partner"; four respondents' comments are quoted. The transgender YouTuber Rose of Dawn, who started her channel over debates about whether it is transphobic to refuse to date people because they are transgender, is quoted within the article; one of Rose of Dawn's videos responded to comments by the transgender academic and athlete Veronica Ivy, arguing that such decisions are not transphobic. Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who works as a science teacher, said she is concerned by "shaming" of cisgender lesbians and commented on how difficult it is to form relationships as a transgender woman. A New Zealand TikTok content creator reported receiving messages from young lesbians who are unable to break up with their partners because they are trans.[7]

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Writing for Refinery29, presenter of the BBC Three documentary Transitioning Teens Charlie Craggs also argued that the article "depicted trans women as sexual predators in a way that felt very reminiscent of how gay people were talked about in the media in recent decades."[16] A few days after Wells' article, CBC News reported that media coverage that included "assertions that trans people who have not undergone transition-related surgery are not real men or women or that falsely paint trans women as dangerous men" have been "spreading in the U.K. for years."[26] 041b061a72


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