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[S2E8] Election 2000

The second season made frequent use of flashbacks, revealing Bartlet's campaign for the presidency in the period prior to events covered in the first season. The first two episodes, "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I" and "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part II", showed how many of the central characters were introduced to Josiah Bartlet, his campaign for the presidential nomination, and his election. Aaron Sorkin originally planned to have such flashbacks as a major part of the entire season, but budget and logistical demands prevented this.

[S2E8] Election 2000

Mrs. Landingham, the longtime secretary of President Bartlet, dies in the penultimate episode, "18th and Potomac." In the final episode, "Two Cathedrals," Mrs. Landingham's funeral is central as is the question of whether the President will run for re-election.

A crisis in Haiti takes much of the President and Leo's time, while the senior staff are planning the announcement of the President's MS. The democratically elected new Haitian president is facing a military coup and the U.S. finds itself in the middle of the storm when a U.S. diplomat smuggles the new President into the safety of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. An evacuation operation turns deadly when U.S. soldiers shoot and kill several rebel Haitians who tried to stop a plane from taking off at the airport. Donna is told by Toby about the President's condition. The staff considers how to deal with the bad news of a poll by Joey Lucas that reveals voters have hugely negative reactions to the possibility of a politician having a potentially fatal disease and covering it up. The President agrees with Leo that he should have a discussion with the staff about whether or not to seek reelection. Josh follows up on his previous week's discovery that a Congressional lawsuit against major tobacco companies is running into funding problems. In a brief conversation with Mrs. Landingham, directly before she goes to collect her first new car, the President says he'd like to have a word with her on her return. It is later revealed that she was killed by a drunk driver.

ShibbolethPREVIOUSLY ON THE WEST WINGspoken by DonnaSeasonEpisode28InfoOriginal Airdate22 November 2000Written ByStory ByAaron SorkinPatrick H. CaddellDirected byLaura InnesEpisodesPreviousNextThe Portland TripGalileoPRESIDENT MUST DEAL WITH BOATLOAD OF CHINESE CHRISTIAN IMMIGRANTS ON EVE OF THANKSGIVING -- As Thanksgiving nears, President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) has his own hot-potato issue when a boatload of persecuted Chinese evangelical Christians arrives in California seeking asylum, while a perplexed C.J. (Allison Janney) must choose between two turkeys for the Presidential pardon ceremony -- with the other destined for the chopping block. While Bartlet's staff argues over sending back the illegal immigrants, Toby (Richard Schiff) wants the President to appoint Leo's (John Spencer) controversial sister (guest star Deborah Hedwall) for a minor education post, fully aware that her opposition to school prayer will cause the controversial subject to emerge again. Elsewhere, Toby, Josh (Bradley Whitford) and Sam (Rob Lowe) make plans to watch football while Charlie (Dule Hill) is dispatched by Bartlet to find the precise cutting instrument for Thanksgiving dinner.

Watching election night results on television, Lois and Brian see a horrifying ad from Peter. He displays a picture of her in skimpy lingerie and calls her a slut. The ad works, and Peter is elected in a landslide victory. Lois furiously demands that he had better do something worthwhile with his presidency besides reinstating a crazy teacher. Incredibly, Peter does institute some landmark programs within a few short weeks, which surprises Lois. During a live interview with Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa, however, Peter discovers that all the male students are reading his old "mens magazines" in the library. Peter's popularity crashes in the ensuing scandal, and in desperation, Quagmire hires political consultant James Carville, who advises Peter to blame Lois for the pornography. In a public statement, Peter attempts to pass the buck to Lois, but is unable to follow through and admits responsibility. He states his regret over humiliating his wife for the election and resigns from his post, boarding a helicopter in a parody of Richard Nixon's post-resignation departure from the White House.

The union Specht leads is involved in school board elections in a variety of ways. It provides sample questionnaires for local unions to use and puts money from member dues into PACs that can be used for school board or levy campaigns. In Prior Lake this year, teacher union representatives used this money to get information on endorsed candidates out by mail or phone banking to local residents.

"Saturday Night Live" is the benchmark of sketch TV. The show, which has been on the air for more than four decades, pairs a celebrity host with a rotating cast of comedians performing live and taped sketches, and also features a musical performance. It has become an inescapable part of the cultural conversation. "SNL" has brought humor to countless elections, has poked fun at pop culture trends, has been subject to major controversies, and has created some of the most indelible TV moments of all time.

"Saturday Night Live" has also been known to make or break political careers. Never one to shy away from poking fun at politicians on both sides of the aisle, "SNL" boasts a long history of impressions that shaped how Americans perceive candidates and elected officials. Gerald Ford's allies even concede that Chevy Chase's famous impersonation of the president may have influenced his narrow loss in the 1976 election.

Airing at the height of One Direction's popularity and during an election year, this episode had something for a wide variety of viewers. In between skits about Mitt Romney and a show-stopping boy band set, Sofia Vergara served up a memorable, but random, Fran Drescher impression.

As the 2012 election cycle came to an end, Jason Sudeikis stepped into Mitt Romney's shoes one last time as the politician drowned his sorrows in a wholesome glass of milk. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway appeared in a buzzy "Homeland" sketch that poked fun at Claire Danes' cry face.

Despite having sketches that discussed both the Superbowl and the presidential election, the real standout sketches from this episode all involved Bill Hader playing Clint Eastwood. The three fake ads were pitch-perfect and made for classic "SNL" sketches.

The Critic was a short-lived prime-time animated series that featured Jon Lovitz as the voice of the titular critic. It was created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss, who were also writers for The Simpsons. It was launched on ABC in 1994, where it was cancelled after a month, but brought back in the summer to air the rest of its 13 episodes. It was picked up by FOX the following year, where it ran for a 10-episode second season. UPN expressed an interest in picking up the series, but negotiations eventually broke down and a third season never materialized even though scripts had already been written for it. Ten short Flash cartoons (webisodes) appeared on the internet over 2000-01, and reruns of the series aired on Comedy Central for a time. In Latin America, this show was aired on Locomotion before turning into Animax.

The DVD box set was released in 2004, which includes all the TV episodes and has the webisodes as extras. During the late 2000s, the show has aired in syndication. In September 2006, IGN ranked the show 9th in their list of the Top 25 Prime Time Animated Series of All Time. In January 2009, they also ranked the show 26th in their other list of the Top 100 Best Animated TV Series. In December 2011, Complex ranked the show 6th in their own list of The 25 Most Underrated Animated TV Shows of All Time.

In 1992, Carville helped lead Bill Clinton to a win against George H. W. Bush in the presidential election. In 1993, Carville was honored as Campaign District Manager of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants. His role in the Clinton campaign was documented in the feature-length Academy Award-nominated film The War Room.

After the Democrats' victory in the 2006 midterm election, Carville criticized Howard Dean as Democratic National Committee Chair, calling for his ouster, as he believed Dean had not spent enough money. In late November 2006, Carville proposed a truce of sorts.[16]

Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani hired Carville as a campaign advisor in July 2009. Carville said that the 2009 Afghan presidential election is "probably the most important election held in the world in a long time," and he called his new job "probably the most interesting project I have ever worked in my life."[19] Carville, who works for Ghani pro bono, when asked about similarities between politics in Afghanistan and politics in Louisiana, responded: "Yeah, I felt a little bit at home, to be honest with you."[20]

Carville is married to Republican-turned-Libertarian political consultant Mary Matalin, who had worked for George H. W. Bush on his 1992 presidential reelection campaign. Carville and Matalin were married in New Orleans in October 1993. They have two daughters: Matalin Mary "Matty" Carville and Emerson Normand"Emma" Carville. 041b061a72


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