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Parashara Light 80 [Extra Quality]

CU:Siddhars and saints, they all transcend jyotisha.Things still come to them, because of their prarabdha karma(the allotted karmas for this life), but they do not engage it. The way they react to what is happening is different than how we react. That is why the astrology, in a sense, does not apply to siddhars and enlightened beings, because they transcend the whole reaction to the situation.

Parashara Light 80

CU:It is said that one can predict the past, present and future lives from astrology. But, that kind of knowledge can only be had by one who has reached a certain level of enlightenment. Astrology can tell everything, but the astrologer may not be able to perceive it. Even if he perceives something, he may not understand. His own understanding and wisdom, that is his limitation.

Aedes aegypti disappeared from Europe during the first half of the twentieth century (the species was reported in Spain up to 1953 and in Portugal up to 1956). Despite a few subsequent sporadic recordings (northern Italy, 1972; Israel, 1974; Turkey, 1961, 1984, 1992, 1993, 2001), it is only more recently that reports of re-colonisation have come to light [2]. Colonisation on the island of Madeira was reported as having started in 2004, and there are concerns that Aedes aegypti could be transported to western Europe via air or sea traffic [3]. Similarly, there are concerns that the species could be introduced into other countries bordering the Black Sea from Russia and Georgia via sea or road traffic, as this has already been shown to be the case in north-eastern Türkiye [9]. From there, the species could easily spread via road traffic to other parts of Türkiye, including Istanbul, and on to neighbouring EU states. Furthermore, Ae. aegypti has been reported to have been found in the Netherlands at tyre yards, undoubtedly imported via shipments of tyres originating from Florida, USA [5,25]. However, the control measures that were immediately applied have successfully eliminated the species from these foci.

Malignancies that develop from mucosal epithelium of the upper aerodigestive tract are known as head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC). Heterogeneity, late stage diagnosis and high recurrence rate are big hurdles in head and neck treatment regimen. Presently, the biomarkers available for diagnosis and prognosis of HNSCC are based on smoking as the major risk habit. This review shed light on the differential environment of HNSCC in smokeless tobacco consuming Indian patients. Frequent mutation in genes involved in DNA repair pathway (p53), cell proliferation (PIK3CA, HRAS) and cell death (CASP8, FADD) are common in western population. On the contrary, the genes involved in metastasis (MMPs, YAP1), lymphocyte proliferation (TNFRSF4, CD80), cell-cell adhesion (DCC, EDNRB), miRNA processing (DROSHA) and inflammatory responses (TLR9, IL-9) are mutated in Indian HNSCC patients. Gene ontology enrichment analysis highlighted that responses to chemical stimulus, immune pathways and stress pathways are highly enriched in Indian patients.

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The supply crunch for lithium carbonate and hydroxide is expected to persist at least through the first half of 2022, respondents said. However, tightening of supplies may ease slightly in the second half with new capacities coming online, they added.

Prices might come off in H2 as supply eases slightly and on downstream consumers' resistance to the high raw materials prices, although the correction may be limited due to bullish demand, said another international trader.


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