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One Piece (Dub) Episode 893 WORK

Meanwhile, two Waiters ride a Madsaurus through the forest near the beach, with one of them carrying a bag containing O-Tama, a girl whom they kidnapped. Tama tries to claim innocence, but the scout clearly recalls her threatening for the Kozuki Family to take revenge on them, which was insolent and illegal speech. They consider selling her to a brothel after they apprehend the intruder spotted on the nearby beach, and they plan with their superior to knock him out and enslave him. As they reach the beach, the first Waiter takes aim at Luffy, but the pirate captain notices his presence and dodges the Waiter's first shot. As the Waiter lines up to fire again, Luffy punches him from afar, knocking him out. The second Waiter remains conscious despite being heavily injured, and orders the baboon to stop fighting Komachiyo and attack Luffy. The baboon obliges, but Luffy uses Haoshoku Haki to make it submit. As the dumbfounded Waiter tries to attack Luffy himself, Tama escapes and hits him over the head with a staff. The attack only makes him angry and he chases her, but Luffy then punches him into the distance. Tama immediately surrenders to Luffy, and when he assures her he will not do anything to her, she uses this moment as a distraction. She then pulls a piece of kibi dango off her cheek and offers it to the baboon, but it aggressively scares her away. She runs behind Luffy and throws the kibi dango at the baboon, where it lands in its mouth and tames it. Tama introduces herself and Komachiyo to Luffy, and reveals to him that he is indeed in Wano, in the region of Kuri.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 893

The anime is coming very close to overselling these opening set-up episodes of the arc, as the action is so big and dramatic that you'd think more was happening in the story than it actually is. Zoro (literally) blows down the house and Luffy's encounter with Kaido's henchmen looks absolutely killer in terms of shot composition and choreography. However, the pizzaz is balanced out really well with Wano's much more humble local flavor. The way the Straw Hats bounce off the country's citizens oodles with charm, and the show is planting seeds for upcoming story developments well in advance to make this arc feel more like a lived in world as opposed to a rollercoaster of twists and turns. Whole Cake Island was like trying to outrun a boulder, but Wano is meant to be a home away from home for the Straw Hats. The crew is building their reputations from scratch, living among the people and trying to stay ahead of the members of Kaido's organization who know their identities, like vigilante superheroes trying to outrun the cops.

One Piece is preparing to end its War For Wano Arc in the current Japanese episodes released on a weekly basis, but the English Dub has some serious catching up to do when it comes to hitting the same place. Luckily for fans of the Shonen franchise, the English voice actors are putting in some extra overtime to cover some serious ground as the anime adaptation has announced that season fourteen, voyage one might be arriving far sooner than you might have thought. 041b061a72


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