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Where To Buy Cheap Steel Wheels

It is also resistant to wear, tear, and badly because of its longevity. Steel wheels are durable and stronger than alloy steel wheels. They are also resistant to wear and tear, and the color of steel wheels is not only durable, but also stronger than alloy steel wheels.

where to buy cheap steel wheels


Though their heavier weight may dampen acceleration, agility and fuel efficiency, steel wheels can offer more resistance to impact cracks. They can also be more resistant to damage from deicers, gravel and brake dust, making them more popular for winter driving. Steel wheels are generally less expensive than aluminum wheels.

Steel rims are known for their weight which is much heavier than their alloy counterparts. In addition, steel rims are practically stronger, too. As a result, a vehicle that makes use of steel rims usually has the ability to carry and bear more loads without cracking them in any way. Steel wheels are also known for their superior traction especially at lower speeds. In fact, steel rims are the best choice for off road driving.

Steel wheel rims may tend to get dented over time but they can be easily repaired. And since they are made of steel, rest assured that they can last indefinitely as well. In most cases, steel car wheels come with a utilitarian look, making them somewhat appealing to your personal taste, preference and the style of vehicle that you have at the moment.

Steel car wheels are excellent for winter driving. Basically, a steel wheel simply bites the ice and snow much harder. They also tend to have less response to acceleration, making your vehicle and its passengers safer than ever due to the heaviness of the rims.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Entry-level-segment cars come standard with wheels made of steel as it is a go-to metal for most parts of the car. It is cheap and can be easily moulded into different shapes to meet the demands. But more and more cars these days are getting equipped with wheels made of alloys. These are lighter and enhances the overall appearance and performance of the car. So, from price to performance, we help you compare the pros and cons of each type of wheels.

Steels wheels are durable, cheap and easy to repair. It absorbs more shocks and are resistant to impact. Alloy wheels, on the other hand, are lighter and allows better handling. It also enhances your vehicles profile and can be easily customized.

Important Note:New TPMS sensors must be initialized at the dealer. This charge is not included in the cost of the sensors. If TPMS sensors are not installed in the wheels, the TPMS light will flash for 1 to 2 minutes and then stay permanently illuminated. An audible chime may also be heard at start-up. Only OE TPMS sensors from OE alloy wheels will fit in the alloy wheels we sell. Sensors from OE steel wheels will not work in alloy wheels. The OE alloy wheel TPMS sensors are available for purchase from us.Will not work with O.E. wheel covers.

Sometimes these are what came on your car, other times Steel wheels are what you want as a cheap solution for your winter tires. We only sell top quality steel wheels, in all sizes and applications, all are winter approved, and we only ship steel wheels that are guaranteed to work on your car without issue.

Not much one can say about ordinary steel rims, however the ones I bought were solely to have winter tyres installed on, which I did! I also noticed that the rims seemed to be made of much thicker material than other rims I have seen. These rims were specified for my car, which is electric, so I don't know if this has any bearing on the fact that the rims appeared to be heavy duty steel, because of perhaps being a heavier vehicle, or perhaps Canada Wheels make all their wheels with heavier material, I don't know. I am quite happy with my purchase. Jim Sheppard

Fit my 2013 legacy perfectly, arrived much quicker than they said they would. I work at a place that sells tires and rims and these where even cheaper than ones I could get with my employee discount. Excellent

Love this website! Recommending it to everyone. My rims came one day after it said shipped even during covid December which is a miracle. All rims were packaged in separate boxes which made it easy to move them into my car and also avoided wasteful packaging. Free delivery!!!! What's not to love? Website is easy to navigate and very helpful in finding the right set for your car. The information for each rim is detailed about wheel size offset etc. I used these cheap steel rims for my winter tires and they so far have been super quiet and beautiful to drive. Very satisfied.

Definitely good rims. Really surprised me when it is delivered. I ordered 205/50R17 for my Subaru Impreza sedan, it comes different from what is shown on the website, they are not very common winter steel rims with small holes, they are really stylish and looks premium. I think the exact rims vary with different size you need. I took them to costco and they put the winter tires on these rims and installed on my car just charged extra 15 dollars for installation. Looks so good on my car, never looks like cheap and basic winter rims.

The wheels for were fine once installed, but two were very dented along the bead... Common guys, this wasn't necessary... I was lucky that they didn't leak. Overall once balanced they're great. It's a bonus having hub-centric steelies.

Three of the four wheels that arrived were bent. It looked as though the boxes in which the wheels were packed had been bumped or perhaps dropped. The steel from which these wheels are made appears to be abnormally soft. This may just be my impression, based on the damaged wheels, but I think it worth noting. To the credit of CanadaWheels, they replaced the 3 bent wheels promptly. They are a perfect fit for the car. They required very little weighting to get them accurately balanced. This points to a fairly accurate and rigorous manufacturing and quality control process, I would think.

The wheels arrived very promptly and several questions I had before ordering were answered quickly. All were as ordered. I have tires mounted now on them but not yet installed but I did confirm they fit before mounting. Am waiting for the snow to get closer .The only thing I thought based on past experience was that I think the paint is a little too thin to resist the high salt levels on our roads. This is similar to other steel rims I have previously used, that I find always rust too easily. Because of this I have put another coat of paint on them. using Tremclad Black, solvent based rust resistant paint . Hopefully this will help them stand up better as I expect to use these for several years.

Wow! What strong steel wheels. They allow my car to move forward when the engine goes vroom vroom. Wowowowow Let's be wheel, steel wheels are ugly af but these ones are beautiful because they fit on MY automobile. Put some nice wheel covers on these bad boys and everybody is going to be swooning over your car. Wow so responsible with these strong steel wheels your significant other will say.

I needed a new set of steel rims for winter tires. This was the cheapest price I found anywhere online for the size. Fit my 2010 Nissan Versa perfectly and no issues all winter. Great deal. Would highly recommend!

I needed a set of rims for my car. The ones that Canadian Tire tried to sell me had the wrong bolt pattern listed, so I turned here.The wheels are cheaper than what you can find on Canadian Tire, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing wrong with them. They arrived quickly (within a week of me ordering) and fit my tires and the car perfectly. I drive a 2007 Toyota Yaris, and these wheels come with the exact dimensions (bolt pattern, width, diameter, center bore, etc) for the car. Would recommend to anyone who needs to buy rims for their car.

I've put several sets of winter tires on vehicles over the past 10 years. I've always been disappointed in the condition of the steel rims after only a couple of seasons - covered in rust. Rather than just buy the wheels offered by the big box store, I looked to see if there was anything better on the market and came across these E-coated rims where the protective coating is electrodeposited and should coat all areas of the rim that regular coatings can miss. Unfortunately after only two months I'm seeing rust around the lugs nuts already - so much for my research and extra dollars spent.One other thing I noticed was the size of the balancing clips on the rim are much larger than I have ever seen before - upwards of 4" long which leads me to believe they are not well balanced when made.

Good service, items arrived quick and as described. These are black steel wheels for winter tires. They fit and they work! I down sized my rims for the 2015 forester XT from 18 inch to 17 inch and these clear the brakes fine. Hub centric and factory lug nuts worked. First time ordering wheels, will order some nice alloy wheels from them again given positive experience. 041b061a72


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