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How to Download Angry Birds APK and Play Offline

Angry Birds Download APK: How to Play the Classic Bird-Flinging Game on Your Android Device

Are you looking for a fun and addictive game to play on your Android device? Do you want to experience the original bird-flinging game that started a global phenomenon? If so, you should download Angry Birds APK and enjoy hours of slingshot gameplay.


What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a classic arcade game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The game features a flock of colorful birds who are angry at a group of greedy pigs who stole their eggs. The birds use their unique powers to destroy the pigs' defenses, which are made of various materials such as wood, stone, glass, and metal.

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Why download Angry Birds APK?

Angry Birds APK is an Android application package that contains the game files for Angry Birds. By downloading and installing this file, you can play the game on your Android device without needing an internet connection or a Google Play account. You can also enjoy some benefits such as:

  • Playing all 15 original Angry Birds episodes with over 680 levels

  • Competing against other players in the Mighty League

  • Boosting your birds' destructive strength with powerups

  • Downloading and playing for free

How to download and install Angry Birds APK

Step 1: Find a reliable source for the APK file

The first step is to find a trustworthy website that offers the Angry Birds APK file for download. You can use a search engine or browse through some popular APK websites. However, be careful not to download any fake or malicious files that may harm your device or compromise your privacy. Some of the reputable sources for Angry Birds APK are:


Angry Birds APK (Android Game) - Free Download - APKCombo[1](

Angry Birds 2 APK (Android Game) - Free Download - APKCombo[2](

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your device

The next step is to allow your device to install applications from unknown sources. This is because the Angry Birds APK file is not from the official Google Play Store. To do this, you need to go to your device's settings and look for the security or privacy option. Then, find and enable the unknown sources option. This may vary depending on your device model and Android version.

Step 3: Download and install the APK file

The final step is to download and install the Angry Birds APK file on your device. You can do this by clicking on the download link from the website you chose in step 1. Once the file is downloaded, you can open it and follow the instructions to install it. Alternatively, you can use a file manager app to locate and install the file.

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How to play Angry Birds

Choose your bird

Once you have installed the game, you can start playing by choosing your bird. Each bird has a different color, shape, size, and power. For example, the red bird is the basic bird that can cause damage by hitting the target directly. The yellow bird is the speedy bird that can accelerate in mid-air and break through wood. The blue bird is the split bird that can split into three smaller birds and shatter glass. The black bird is the bomb bird that can explode and blast away anything nearby. The white bird is the egg bird that can drop an egg bomb and fly away. The green bird is the boomerang bird that can curve back and hit targets from behind. The big red bird is the giant bird that can smash through anything with its massive size. The orange bird is the inflate bird that can inflate like a balloon and push objects away. The pink bird is the bubble bird that can trap objects in bubbles and lift them up. The ice bird is the freeze bird that can turn objects into ice and make them brittle.

Aim and launch

After choosing your bird, you need to aim and launch it using the slingshot. You can do this by tapping and dragging on the screen to adjust the angle and power of your shot. You can also see a dotted line that shows the trajectory of your bird. When you are ready, release your finger to launch the bird towards the pigs' defenses.

Destroy the pigs' defenses

Your goal is to destroy the pigs' defenses and hit the pigs themselves. You can do this by using your birds' powers and exploiting the weaknesses of the materials. For example, wood is weak against yellow birds, glass is weak against blue birds, stone is weak against black birds, and metal is weak against ice birds. You can also cause chain reactions by hitting explosives, rocks, wheels, or other objects that can damage the structures.

Collect stars and powerups

As you play, you can collect stars and powerups to enhance your gameplay. You can collect stars by completing levels with as few birds as possible. The more stars you collect, the more levels you unlock. You can also collect powerups by playing daily challenges, watching ads, or buying them with real money. Some of the powerups are:

  • Sling scope: Shows you the exact trajectory of your bird

  • King sling: Increases the power and speed of your bird

  • Birdquake: Shakes the ground and makes the structures collapse

  • Super seeds: Makes your bird bigger and stronger

  • Wingman: Adds a special bird that can destroy anything in its path


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Angry Birds is a classic game that you can play on your Android device by downloading and installing Angry Birds APK. You can enjoy flinging different types of birds at the pigs' defenses and destroying them with various strategies. You can also collect stars and powerups to improve your performance and unlock more content.

Call to action

If you are ready to join the millions of fans who love Angry Birds, download Angry Birds APK today and start playing. You will not regret it!


  • Q: Is Angry Birds APK safe to download?

  • A: Yes, as long as you download it from a reliable source like the ones we mentioned in this article.

  • Q: How much space does Angry Birds APK take on my device?

  • A: Angry Birds APK takes about 100 MB of space on your device.

  • Q: Can I play Angry Birds offline?

  • A: Yes, you can play Angry Birds offline once you have installed it on your device.

  • Q: Can I play Angry Birds with my friends?

  • A: Yes, you can play Angry Birds with your friends by competing in the Mighty League or joining a clan.

  • Q: What are some tips for playing Angry Birds?

  • A: Some tips for playing Angry Birds are:

  • Try different angles and powers for your shots

  • Use the right bird for the right material

  • Look for weak spots and hidden items in the structures

  • Use powerups wisely and sparingly

  • Have fun and don't give up!


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