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Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under (Lyrics)

In my opinion she is talking about how even though she lost herself she will always remember this one person and although she knows that if the person came back it won't end well she still loves him and their love is six feet under...

Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under (Lyrics)

From my point,She lost herself in finding that one person,back then who've now betrayed her but now her love is six feet under that means its burried deep down in the grave of time and also she wants it all again and she wants that love to bloom again like it did before she wants to cherish every moment again but cant and i guess by rain she meant her love and care by grave she meant the past and the rose can be her relation with that person. That maybe if i would love you the same way would the love bloom again.anyways i love the song its amazing

I see,it has a girl that's lost,silent and secluded a boy that...well,is the opposite they were together until they broke apart leaving their love six feet under and she can't help but wonder if their grave was watered by the rain... 041b061a72


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