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Luke Edwards

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Pencil kajal - The essence of eye makeup. Shapes and shades are mixed with various waxes making this kajal perfect for long lasting waterproof make-up. The wider the flavor is, its effect will be more remarkable on eyes.

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Stick kajal - Using gel or powder Kajal you can create a look that is perfect for your desired occasion. The best part of makkhan kajal stick is that it brings out eyes with eyelashes, fine lines, and clearly defined brows! It will give volume to the lashes and help in definition around the eyes.

Cartoon Eyes Kajal - It's one of the best styles around these days as it can be used anywhere at any time without fail. Creamy kajal stick will give your eyes an alluring look along with amazing definition in lines and eyebrows that you never thought.

Women kajal at Snapdeal is available in many colors like Black, Multicolour, Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Grey, Silver, Brown, Bronze, Turquoise, Copper, etc. Which are especially suited to women. They are free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, and impurities that may affect your skin.

It guarantees an authentic result delivered in its original form even after extended use because it doesn't contain any artificial colors or additives like buffing toners, lotions, or creams which usually accompany other brand kajal pencils when the tips get worn down & fall off easily giving up on the traditional Indian way of making kajal to use for longer. 041b061a72


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