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Santiago Stewart
Santiago Stewart

The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264

this really is a new experience for me. i usually stick to more recent releases but this was appealing for a variety of reasons. i'm used to a more studio driven approach in my films, something i'm more familiar with in the theatre. the "look" of "the robe" is vintage. the low budget certainly shows through. the characters are somewhat caricatures but they are likable, and the plot has a lot of intrigue. the themes of the film are not new but they are very human. it's a simple story with big ideas. i'm not sure that "the robe" is the best film i've ever seen but it is very near the top.

The Robe 1953 1080p Bluray X264

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it's 1634 quebec. laforgue (lothaire bluteau) is a jesuit which the natives call black robe. he and young daniel (aden young) are sent on a dangerous journey by champlain to the distant mission with the hurons. they are guided by a group of algonquin indians led by chomina (august schellenberg). daniel falls for chomina's daughter annuka (sandrine holt). simple things like a clock and writing seems to be magic for the natives and they suspect black robe is a demon.

the thrilling sequel to the robe (1953) demetrius and the gladiators (1954) follows the further adventures of the christian slave demetrius (victor mature) sentenced to servitude as a gladiator in the roman arena. there his faith is tested in to-the-death combat and by the wiles of the seductive messalina (susan hayward)all under the obsessive eye of the mad emperor caligula (jay robinson). director delmer daves brings epic sweep to the tale supported by the bravura score of franz waxman (available here as an isolated track).enjoy the extensive julie kirgo liner notes and film art packaged with the blu-ray


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