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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort [UPDATED-FINAL]

in virtual city 2: paradise resort, you can build a hotel. a hotel is a much more expensive building type, and costs $15-20,000 to build. hotels are great for business, and they can be expanded to a larger location, or upgraded with a pool and other amenities. the hotel is the most luxurious building in the game, so a hotel is the perfect location for your resort. as you travel through a region youll see signs indicating which hotels are open, and which rooms are best for players of specific games. the hotel can only be opened once, and is opened at the beginning of the game, so if youre travelling on a mission and pass a hotel that is closed, you can still play until the hotel is opened. when a hotel is fully opened, all the games are switched to a higher difficulty, and the players who were playing those games at the moment of opening have their bonuses doubled. if you don't plan ahead, you can end up losing all of your income and getting a negative rating from the hotel.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort [UPDATED-FINAL]

it's easy to get carried away with virtual cities, but the fun is in building something special for your players. take pleasure in the fact that you can build a cruise liner, a shopping mall and a football stadium. you can even make your own city, giving you complete control over every aspect of city life. and if you want a little less excitement, then you can play around with the city's settings to make it more or less pleasant. virtual city 2: paradise resort is the ultimate way to let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities for virtual cities.

the best thing about virtual city 2: paradise resort is that you can import your own map and build the city you always wanted. you can also import, export, and trade buildings and citizens between cities in real time. however, if you are too quick on the backspace key (or in the first few levels, the play key), you might end up stuck with an unfinished city. this is the main reason why a rating of 7 is considered to be a bit of a compromise between 5 and 8.


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