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[S6E15] Black Hole

"Across the Sea" is the fifteenth episode in Season 6 of Lost and the 118th produced hour of the series as a whole. It aired on May 11, 2010. The history of the relationship between Jacob and the Man in Black is revealed.

[S6E15] Black Hole

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Leslie: A few years ago, Eagleton put up this wall along the border. Now, it is time to tear down this wall. [everyone applauds] In the name of unity, I have given some former Eagletonians the first strike. Take it away, guys! [two men pick up sledgehammers and strike two holes in the wooden wall; everyone applauds again] It's such a great day for- [suddenly, bees appear] BEES! BEES! OH! NOBODY PANIC!! [everyone panics]

Dr. Robert Bethany arrives at the bowling alley guiding a blind young man, Tobias Rice. He persuades Tobias to take his glasses off and Tobias points directly at Daniel, saying he's "one". Daniel leaves Lana and Chloe and is behind the lanes drinking. Just then, a black SUV pulls up and forces Daniel into it. Chloe arrives to see him abducted. The agents chase her down, but she gets away.

The Beretta 92FS is used throughout the season. Carol (Melissa McBride) is briefly seen with the pistol in "JSS" (S6E02). An Alexandrian named Sturgess (Jonathan Kleitman) uses a Beretta 92FS in "Thank You" (S6E03). Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) continues to carry his Beretta 92FS with wood grips in "Always Accountable" (S6E06). In the same episode, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has a Beretta holstered behind his back as he and Dwight dig holes. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) briefly handles a Beretta 92FS with wood grips in "Heads Up" (S6E07). Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) continues to carry his Beretta 92FS in Season 6, notably in "Start to Finish" (S6E08). Daryl gives up his Beretta 92FS to Negan's Scout (Christopher Berry) in "No Way Out" (S6E09). In the same episode, the Scout also draws Abraham's 92FS with wood grips on Abraham & Sasha. Ron Anderson (Austin Abrams) holds a Beretta 92FS later on. The Savior named Paula (Alicia Witt) aims her Beretta 92FS with wood grips on Carol in "The Same Boat" (S6E13). Glenn (Steven Yeun) loads two Beretta 92FS into an crate of weapons in "East" (S6E15). In the same episode, a Savior fires a Beretta 92FS at Carol before being taken by her. Carl loads an other Beretta 92FS and later he loses his pistol to the Saviors in Season 6's finale "Last Day on Earth" (S6E16).

A Remington 870 Police Magnum with a 10" barrel, black foregrip, and a SpeedFeed stock appears to be held by a Savior at the end of "The Same Boat" (S6E13). A custom Remington 870 Police Magnum with 10" barrel, black forearm, custom rear sight, and Police folding stock and pistol grip is used by a Savior in "Twice as Far" (S6E14). Another Remington 870 Police Magnum with a 10" barrel, black foregrip, and a SpeedFeed stock used by another Savior in "Twice as Far" (S6E14).

Back in the real world, Peace Master stands with the members of the meeting. He explains that he has found an evil one. After Peppermint Butler tries to attack Peace Master with a knife, he puts Peppermint Butler into his hat where it was going to slowly devour Peppermint Butler's candy flesh. Kenneth looks at the scene from a corner and disrupts the dimension Peppermint Butler was going to be transported to with his device. The hat falls to the ground releasing Peppermint Butler who drops a black smoke grenade before Peace Master could get him. In the smoke, Peace Master challenged Peppermint Butler to a battle at Wizard Battle Arena with his charm sack which Peppermint Butler accepts.

Now at Wizard Battle Arena, we see Peace Master walking up to the field when suddenly a huge creature arises from the grass with a big cylinder bag that opens up and shows Peppermint Butler walking out. Peppermint Butler walks up to Peace Master with a cape and opens it to show Peace Master's children. He turns one of them into a flying monster. Peppermint Butler warns Peace Master that if he does not give up his charm sack, he will turn another one of his children into a monster. Peace Master refused and so Peppermint Butler changed his daughter into a flying fairy. Peace Master finally gives up and tosses his charm sack into a hole. After that Peace Master is forced to show them his underwear, walk like a chicken and eat dirt before he could leave with his children, until Peppermint Butler realized that he himself had gone too far.

The scene cuts to Elliot and Alison walking in the hallway of Rosewood High School where they discuss his meeting with Emily. Alison says that she's done enough to force the girls away, she doesn't want to force them to accept her apology too. Elliot asks how long it's been since her father or brother made an effort and Alison admits that her friends are the closest thing she has to family right now; she also says that Elliot has been her rock and she needs to get back to normalcy, or at least try. He grabs her hand and asks if he'll see her later; she thanks him and walks back into the classroom. We then see Sara Harvey dressed in black staring from a distance. We then see Spencer and Yvonne discussing politics and how there is no expectation of privacy: you're always being watched. Spencer asks how she learned to trust the people who worked for her mom's campaign; Yvonne tells her that you can't trust everyone with everything, then guesses that trust is something that's difficult for Spencer given what her and her friends went through. Yvonne says that there's nothing wrong with being an Iron Lady and that they're her favorite kind. She insists on paying for lunch, prompting Spencer to say that she'll get the next one. Yvonne leaves and Spencer notices a phone near Yvonne's seat before taking it and leaving.

The scene cuts to Hanna in an alley reading a text saying "Leave my present in the alley off of 7th and Cook. Brown trash can". She sends a text to someone saying that Sara should be there soon, then leaves the bag in the garbage can and answers a call from her boss. She leaves the alley, failing to notice a black car parked nearby. We then see Emily signing the paperwork for the surgery and tells Alison that she doesn't have to stand there. Alison says that there is no way she's leaving her there alone and that she'll be right there when she wakes up.

The scene cuts to Aria on her phone asking if she could afford the expense of the room when she hears Ashley say "Miss Harvey" and we hear Sara say that she wants privacy. Sara is upset that her room was cleaned, but Ashley informs her that it's policy to have them cleaned. Aria looks out the peephole and sees Ashley offering brunch for two, but Sara doesn't accept. Ashley walks away and Sara looks at the peephole before leaving. We then see Emily waking up in her hospital room and she doesn't see Alison. Emily sees Sara put something into her IV and Sara says that this won't hurt a bit because it will all be over soon, then holds Emily down. Emily screams at her to take it out. Alison walks into the room and hears Emily saying "What did you do to me?" and says she was outside. Emily asks if she walked past anyone and says she knows that she saw Sara, but Alison tries to convince her that it was just the drugs in her system.

The scene cuts to Jordan telling Hanna that she stood up for herself, but she's afraid that Claudia will blackball her. He says that he's sure he could make some calls and have her ten interviews by Monday. Hanna says that she doesn't want their wedding announcement to say that she's unemployed; Jordan tells her to stop and that they can go back to their apartment or Rosewood, but she asks if they can just keep driving. Back in Sara's hotel room, Spencer discovers that Sara's current room is where Charlotte stayed when she was a patient at Radley and calls out for Aria. She walks towards the closet and sees a hole in the wall with a ladder under it, but no Aria. The scene cuts to Emily's room where she's lying on the couch; there are several knocks on her door, but when she answers it, there's no one there: just a bag containing a carton of eggs. She opens it and sees "Give me the killer or I'll use your eggs" typed on a piece of paper. She immediately walks back into her apartment and shuts the door. 041b061a72


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