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How I Became Stupid Epub 11

I recently saw an old friend for the first time in many years. We had been Ph.D. students at the same time, both studying science, although in different areas. She later dropped out of graduate school, went to Harvard Law School and is now a senior lawyer for a major environmental organization. At some point, the conversation turned to why she had left graduate school. To my utter astonishment, she said it was because it made her feel stupid. After a couple of years of feeling stupid every day, she was ready to do something else.

how i became stupid epub 11

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I had thought of her as one of the brightest people I knew and her subsequent career supports that view. What she said bothered me. I kept thinking about it; sometime the next day, it hit me. Science makes me feel stupid too. It's just that I've gotten used to it. So used to it, in fact, that I actively seek out new opportunities to feel stupid. I wouldn't know what to do without that feeling. I even think it's supposed to be this way. Let me explain.

Productive stupidity means being ignorant by choice. Focusing on important questions puts us in the awkward position of being ignorant. One of the beautiful things about science is that it allows us to bumble along, getting it wrong time after time, and feel perfectly fine as long as we learn something each time. No doubt, this can be difficult for students who are accustomed to getting the answers right. No doubt, reasonable levels of confidence and emotional resilience help, but I think scientific education might do more to ease what is a very big transition: from learning what other people once discovered to making your own discoveries. The more comfortable we become with being stupid, the deeper we will wade into the unknown and the more likely we are to make big discoveries.

I have my iPad now with iOS 5.1. In the email I have a .epub but when iPad's email program download the file, there is no way to open it on iBooks? Tapping or double tapping on the attachment downloaded will have no reaction. Can this be solved if I don't have a PC to place that file into Dropbox to open in iBooks?

Other apps like Evernote and AirSharing also are able to receive my epub files, so if you are not able to do this, perhaps it's an encoding issue or something about how the files are being attached to the emails and not necessarily a problem with iOS.

Interestingly, in health professional, a significant pro-thin and anti-fat implicit bias was highlighted on the IAT, and the subjects endorsed significantly the implicit stereotypes of lazy, stupid, and worthless [30]. Similarly, Teachman and Brownell found evidence for implicit anti-fat bias for both the attitude and stereotype measures (evaluated also in this case with the IAT) in 84 health professionals who treated obesity [31].

No matter how frenetic the pace became at school, the worst day was better than that, and often afternoons ended with a rush of kids throwing their arms around her. At 5 feet tall, she watched many of them outgrow her.

More than once, inmates asked him for legal advice. Some of them he liked. He had been an ardent Republican with little sympathy for lawbreakers, but now he pondered the colossal waste of time and talent exacted by the system.

This was before the arrests and the trials and the cameras, before his pedigree became a cudgel with which to flog him, before strangers were writing him letters urging him to kill himself. Now he sat alone in the din of the courthouse hallway wearing ill-fitting pants and a homely purple sweater.

Concerning specific EPUB viewers, there are indeed problems, if words or images, tables etc are larger than the available viewport, this needs to be fixed.This problem appears typically for all programs trying to simulate somehow printed books, what is a stupid idea for digital books anyway - especially if the developers of such pseudo-print-books do not solve the problem of content larger than the viewport - but this problem is already solved for about 20 years in browsers, developers do not have to invent the wheel once more. Such programs just get borked, it they try to reinvent ;o)

CSS has media queries to adjust more complex styles to the available viewport and of course, no author is forced to obfuscate the presentation with stupid types of stylesheets.Of course, there are some almost useless CSS 3 modules under preparation, I cannot see any meaningful usecase together with (X)HTML, but they are not part of the current EPUB subset anyway - and it is pretty surprising, that some CSS 3 modules are already mentioned in EPUB, which are still beeing only a working draft, no recommendation at W3C - here it is clearly a bug of EPUB to encourage authors to use features from such not yet thought through draft modules in their books.

The author is not stupid, if he writes CORRECT CSS that works on a browser but fails to work in EPUB 3 reflowable mode. It is the specification that is "stupid" in that regard. If for instance I write a Java program that compiles successfully into a .class file, it should run on any JVM. That's the point, the reason for the specification - that if I follow the rules (say of EPUB 3) then my book should render correctly on any reading system that implements the spec correctly.

As an author of a recommendation you cannot completely avoid, that some people do stupid things with such languages, you cannot even avoid, that implementors do stupid things calling this an implementation of such languages.Of course, you can give some hints and example concerning best practice, but this is not the core task of a recommendation, the right place for this are mainly tutorials and other secondary works to help and to guide authors to do less stupid things ;o)

I wouldn't call authors or implementers stupid. I think we need to demonstrate a greater level of respect for implementers if we ever want this technology to see the light of day. The developer, who uses his mind, hard-earned knowledge and effort to code the system is by far the most important variable in the equation that includes users, authors, publishers, analysts etc

This is what they did at the march on Washington. They joined it...became part of it, took it over. And as they took it over, it lost its militancy. It ceased to be angry, it ceased to be hot, it ceased to be uncompromising. Why, it even ceased to be a march. It became a picnic, a circus. Nothing but a circus, with clowns and all....

The field has moved slightly back in Republicans' direction, in part because of a natural tightening closer to November as the races come into focus for more people, but also because of a deluge of television advertising in key races supporting GOP candidates.

Partisan control of the Senate is currently tied at 50-50, with Democrats in charge of the agenda because they have the White House. So Republicans need a net gain of one seat to wrest control of the chamber.

It may be a natural and expected tightening, but following a month of millions of dollars in TV ads spent in the past month by Republican outside groups, the significant lead once held by Democrat John Fetterman over Republican celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz has shrunk considerably.

Republican Herschel Walker, left, is challenging incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. Walker is facing allegations he paid an ex to have an abortion despite his hard-right stance on the issue. Megan Varner/Getty Images; Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption

If ever there was a test of whether scandals still matter in this era of hyper-partisanship, this is it. Republican Herschel Walker's problems continue with the allegation that he paid for an ex-girlfriend, who says she's the mother of one of his other children, to have an abortion. He denies the allegation. The Daily Beast presented a receipt for the abortion, a check Walker paid his ex days later and a get-well card he signed. The outlet also reported that a friend of the ex-girlfriend, who was not named but was told the story at the time, also corroborated the report.

A big reason for the Republican opportunity here, though, is the economy. And some Democrats are concerned the party is focusing too heavily on abortion and not addressing the economy in a focused way. The state has a high population of working-class whites, Latinos and Asian Americans still trying to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.

If Democrats take Pennsylvania, Republicans would need to pick up two seats to win control. That makes Nevada critical to the GOP's chances. If they aren't able to take Georgia or Nevada, they'd likely need to sweep both Arizona (next on our list) and New Hampshire, which is tougher for them and has slipped down the list to No. 7 because of a weaker Republican candidate. Previous: 4

Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly, left, is holding up well against Trump-backed Republican Blake Masters, right, in the Arizona Senate race, but it's shaping up to be a tight finish. Julia Nikhinson/Bloomberg via Getty Images; Brandon Bell/Getty Images hide caption

As operatives in both parties have expected, this race has tightened. Arizona is a place where Republicans outnumber Democrats and where independents really matter. That's the hurdle for both incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly and Trump-backed challenger Blake Masters.

The Senate Leadership Fund, the well-heeled super PAC tied to McConnell, has pulled out of the state. That makes it even more challenging for Masters without that air support. Kelly, meanwhile, in this border state where Republicans outnumber Democrats, distanced himself from Biden in the recent debate, saying he criticized the president when he "decided he was going to do something dumb" on immigration. Previous: 3

Incumbent Ron Johnson hasn't backed down from controversial positions, and his favorability ratings have struggled. That said, he's well aware of how he's viewed and has run a hard-nosed campaign. Republicans are more confident about this race now than a month ago, though, as they've run a deluge of ads attacking Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes on crime -- and Johnson has seen a boost in the polls as a result.


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