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The Benefits and Limitations of Nissan Consult 2 Software for Nissan Owners and Technicians

When you want your Nissan to be back on the road in just minutes, get your Nissan 4x4 out of the shop and back on the road in less than 3 hours. With an outside and inside driveaway service, our technicians will be there right when you need them. With 3 hours pay, that's a total of 6 hours to sort out the problem, leaving you plenty of time to make the rest of your day. Need to speak with us at your location? No problem! Just ask your technician to call the number you see on the printout. We're here to help, even if the problem is in another city.

nissan consult 2 software download

Since you've purchased the NissanConnect EV, you can login to your vehicle's dashboard for important features such as remote lock/unlock, data transfer, fuel efficiency information and diagnostics. These features can be accessed at any time from the MyNISSAN Owner Portal at All Infotainment features require a valid login credential and a Bluetooth enabled phone.

When you get behind the wheel of your Nissan, you're relying on your Efficient NV200 to help you get to where you need to go. You can view the results of your fuel efficiency information at any time from the MyNISSAN Owner Portal using your driver's license, vehicle registration or the unique number that's displayed on your dash. These results are based on the number of miles you drive each day and the weather conditions

To sync your NissanConnect EV PIN and password with your vehicle, do the following: 1. Log into your MyNISSAN Owner Portal account at and go to your vehicle dashboard. 2. Scroll down to the NissanConnect EV program within the Connected Services section. 3. Click on the Manage Subscription button and the password and PIN will be displayed to you if you have not yet entered this information into your vehicle. Please have a pen and paper ready to jot down this information. 4. Turn on your vehicle. 5. Accept the terms and conditions displayed on your vehicle's navigation system. This is only required if you have not already accepted the terms and condition. 6. Press the Settings button on the bottom of the screen. 7. Touch NissanConnect Services Settings 8. Touch Sign In then enter your NissanConnect EV PIN and password (case sensitive) 9. Touch Send ID and password then touch Yes


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