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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

The Father's Day Italian Dubbed Free Download BEST

The first time I saw The Godfather's Don Corleone, it wasn't in a movie theater. It was on Saturday Night Live.John Belushi did an amazing impression of Marlon Brando as Corleone, and he was playing the Don in a group therapy session with Elliot Gould as the therapist. Laraine Newman was decked out in a blond wig and Valley Girl accent for the sketch from SNL's first season, dubbed "Godfather Therapy," telling Belushi's Corleone, "please reach out, man!"(One of my favorite lines from that sketch: "Now the feds are watching me...investigating me. The ASPCA's after me about this horse thing...")That was a measure of how much The Godfather had already permeated pop culture by 1976. Even an 11-year-old Black kid watching TV in Gary, Indiana knew about the Mob boss who made people offers they couldn't refuse.

the Father's Day italian dubbed free download


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