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Where To Buy Dahlia Tubers ((INSTALL))

I trial dozens of new dahlia varieties every year looking for those with unique forms, subtle coloring, and exceptional growth habit. I buy tubers from a lot of different places and thought I would share some of my top sources for quality and unique offerings.

where to buy dahlia tubers

Bear Creek Farm is located in the Hudson River Valley and has taken the New York flower market by storm. In addition to offering an incredible selection of fresh cut blooms they have also started offering over 100 varieties of their tubers for sale. Owner Debra Kaye has a keen eye for color and her variety selection is unmatched.

Goldenrod Gardens is located in the mountainous northwest corner of North Carolina. Farmer-florist Lee Carlton trials and selects the very best varieties for cutting and arranging and offers a great selections of tubers for sale in the winter months.

Ribier Gardens is located on 5 acres in Meridian, Idaho and their dahlia tuber store opened for the second year on December 1st. All of their dahlias are certified organic and lovingly tended to by Jen Zissou and her family. Jen gave up her previous profession after a health scare and had the realization that life is just too short not to be passionate about every moment. Jen has been living the dream ever since!

Our flower farming friends Triple Wren Farms up in Ferndale, Washington have recently added dahlia tubers to their offerings list. They have a great selection of varieties that are especially suited for cut flower growing, including many of my tried and true favorites.

This is a great post! Thank you for taking the time to give all these great infos and experiences to us, less experienced! I would like to recommend Geerlings Dahlias in The Netherlands (EU) As a Danish resident I can not buy tubers from you, but have really good results with the products from Geerlings

Hi, I have a commercial cut flower farm in Ontario, Canada. For the first time we are making some of our tubers available for sale. Here is a link. Please take a look and share it around. We are able to ship to the US as well.

When all risk of frost has passed, harden off your dahlias by placing them outside during the day and bringing them in at night. After a week they will be ready to plant out into their final growing positions.

I am fairly new to dahlias, having only grown them for several seasons. I started with some that were given to me and have been successful with digging, storage and the plants. I thought to expand my dahlia garden next spring and wanted advice from you experts as to the best place to order them, for selection and quality. Thanks

If you just want dahlias and don't care so much about the names, check out Costco in the early spring - they were selling 9 tubers for $12 last year. It turns out some of mine seem to be mislabelled, but for the amount of money I spent I'm not going to complain. If you look at local garden centers I would carefully squeeze the tubers to make sure they are firm, I've gotten really old stock from reputable garden centers.

Check what you order as I had repeats of tubers and other tubers in colors I didn't order at all. You won't know about it until they come up . Just let them know when you order that you have heard about this type of thing.

You won't get the quality and variety going to Costco, Home Depot Etc......I recommend Calvin Cook at Arrowhead Dahlias in Colorado. I ordered from him this past Spring and also went out to see his operation a few weeks back while I had a weekend layover in Colorado Springs with my airline. Clavin and his wife Julie do a tremendous job. I've also used Corralitos Gardens in CA run by Kevin Larkin and Karen Zydner. They sell cuttings and completely guarantee their product. Additional places I've ordered over the past few years with excellent tubers include: Ferncliff Gardens in BC (David and Sheila Jack), Dan's Dahlias, Cory and Walt Wynne at Wynne's Dahlias, and Ken Greenway at Accent Dahlias. Another great source for quality dahlia tubers are the local dahlia societies in your area. Check with them for dates of their Spring tuber sales.DB

I will second votes to Wynne's, Dan's, Accent, and add Cowlitz River Dahlias, SeaTac Gardens, along with Swan Island. My lifetime goal is to buy dahlias from every NW producer and then branch into Canada :)

well I did start with " If you don't care" ! The bigger dahlia fans in this group are right, the growers do a better job than the box stores, but if you just want to grow flowers to cut, I have found Costco to work just fine. The tubers are firm, not dried out and yes, this last year for the first time it looks like some were mislabelled, but for the most part in the last 3 years it was well worth the savings to just get tubers and enjoy them. I also didn't feel quite so horrified when an unexpected freeze did in many of last years tubers drying out on the deck. This year they are going to dry for about 3 hours and then get packed! But the downside is you just can't be 100% sure about what is going to open from that bud.

I have ordered quite a few dahlias from both Connell's and Swan Island,and recently from Coralitos. I have had a wonderful time going to Connell's open houses and picking out plants to grow the next year. To my surprise when I looked back to previous years I discovered that The ones I still have are almost all Swan Island nd Corralitos. The Connell's ones have had a very poor survival rate for me over the years. Must be some difference in the way they process the tubers, but even when I just leave them in the ground the SWAN ISLAND ones are more likely to live and keep going!

I also have some from Costco that have been outstanding and are long term survivors, sometimes no longer available in other places. Two of my sturdiest long term survivors are a large dark red backed with green petaloids,(We just call it BIG RED as my buddy has no memory for names, and Cafe Au Lait which is just a champion for us and the last dahlia left blooming, even into December! I also got my starts of Procyon, Penelope,and Berger's Record from Costco, and they are all terrific dahlias for me! Of course I haunt the racks when they are first put out each year!

I ordered my dahlias from Swan Island online and have been very pleased! This was my first experience with growing dahlias. I ordered 12 bulbs. They were packaged and shipped very well. All were stamped with their name and came with instructions on exactly how to plant and care for them. "Sisa was an early bloomer and the most abundant bloomer of them all. The other 11 are really coming out now and are beautiful. I love taking them to work for our patients to enjoy. Love my dahlias!!

Looks like everyone's got some experience, so I figured I'd ask, how many blooms should be expected from tubers vs. cuttings in the first year for B/BB size blooms? Just trying to track down some information that's hard to find elsewhere!

Greenearthlawns, I'm keeping records this year to see how many blooms my tubers produce. Most of my plants this year came from tubers saved or purchased though I did take some cuttings. I just didn't record which plants were grown from the cuttings. Hope someone else has!

I haven't noticed any difference in numbers between the rooted cuttings and tubers. I think it varies more form lant to plant...some are great producers of tubers, some make loads of cut flowers and fewer tubers. ALso, you will get far more small flowers from a plant then large flowers because it takes so much more energy from the plant to make them. MY Razz-ma-tazz,a rapsberry and lemon pom (new tuber purchased this year), prestarted in my greenhouse and set out in my garden in Late May, has produced probably over 20 flowers. Wyn's Mystique, a HUGE Magenta flower with twisty petals and white on the back sides of the petals has produced it first 10" magnificant flower, and has 3 more buds at different stages coming along. I would expect Pazz-ma-tazz to make many tubers and Wyn's Mystique to make fewer, but its just a guess until I dig them up!

Gosh. This is the first year I've had tubers AND rooted cuttings, and it's been a HORRID year for growth. I potted up my tubers early too...I've had better luck with tubers this year in regards to plants AND FLOWERS, as I've had flowers on the plants started from tubers...the plants from cuttings are plugging along, no trace of flowers yet. We'll see.

I have ordered practically from almost everyone, and my recommendations go to Swan Dahlias, aka, Accent Dahlias, Alpen Gardens, and Wynn's. All very realiable. Worst dahlias I have received came from Elhorn gardens in or near Santa Barbara, California. They sent me 1/2 of a bulb, and punny little ones. Will never buy from them again.

How does being afraid to say from where one had a bad experience, or got bad tubers help anyone? I'm new to growing dahlias and hearing people refer to bad experiences, but not providing relevant information is worthless!!

I had a sales rep that cost me a thousand dollars of potential revenue in my business by not following up on a project adequately, despite many urgent calls from me. Found out later that his mother was on her death bed, and he was at her side while still 'working.' Should I have warned folks away from that business if he hadn't felt comfortable sharing that painful truth? Should a dahlia vendor explain their personal life to every $20-40 customer?

I am with CiCivacation most of the vendors are wonderful people with all the complications that come with life. I had an awful exchange with an above mentioned dahlia seller but I stayed calm and up beat and eventually he came around and gave me what I called for in the first place which was dahlia heights. His tubers did well and so it goes. I will order from him again.

Love the orange-peachy colored dahlias but looking for something just a little different? Look no further than the beautiful Terra Cotta dahlias! Double flowers with soft terra cotta colored petals gently furling halfway from their dusky rose centers. Simple yet elegant blooms to pair with other creamy peach to bronze dahlias. 041b061a72


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