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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

The Milviz Aircraft Collection for FSX-P3D: Why It's Worth Your Money and Time

With TacPack, great FSX/P3D military aircraft no longer need to fly half-baked.. The full potential of the aircraft's capabilities can finally be realized with the addition of true ... An in-game menu system lets you spawn the AI at relative positions from ... developers such as Aerosoft, India Foxt Echo, Metal2Mesh, Milviz, and more!

[FSX-P3D] Milviz - Aircraft Collection full version


We are looking for an individual to author and tune flight dynamics models for FSX/P3D. This person should be fully capable in all aspects of FDE creation, including a good understanding of the fundamentals of aircraft flight dynamics.

The cockpit is more of the same, but very well done... certainly there has been more attention paid to the details in the cockpit as noted by the 3d seatbelts that are not in the cabin and overall it is more and totally authentic. the single yoke and its thick central support column is always a highlight on these DHC aircraft and you are not disappointed here (it can be hidden) and it is beautifully reproduced, ditto is the iconic DHC central throttle, propeller and mixture lever panel with it's metal facia plate, again perfect.

A single flight and I had full confidence in the aircraft to do pretty any manoeuvre, balance or positioning I wanted to with the trimming very easy with the fine adjustment on the pitch wheel (rudder adjustment is on the roof), so there are no hidden quirks here except the powerful pull left of that heavy turbine and the awareness of the same forward engine weight on landing... hit the brakes early and the DHC-3T will tip nose first and break it's propeller, but otherwise this a really nicely balanced and lovely machine to fly and the words "like putty in my hands (and feet)" is very relatable to the flying experience, so even beginners or early flyers would find the aircraft a nice way to learn to fly in simulation, ditto the bushy pilot's who will really love the feel and touch of this modern version of the Otter.

Realism and immersion begins and ends in the cockpit. Faithful modeling lets you find every control and switch where it should be, with a very large amount of them fully functional and operable just as they are in the real aircraft. Systems have been extensively modeled, and the flight model is extremely realistic and challenging. Custom 3D gauges let you precisely monitor your aircraft while in flight, and our sophisticated cockpit lighting adds to the immersion on those pre-dawn sorties.


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