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Luke Edwards

Eragon [Xbox Classic] REPACK

But wait! We haven't even mentioned the role of Saphira the dragon yet. Given that Eragon is actually a dragon rider, it's inevitable that Stormfront had to shoehorn some flying combat sections in there somewhere. But much like the main meat of the game, they're horribly undercooked. The chief issue is the lurching camera system which conspires to give the player no real control over where they're flying, and precious little ability to avoid crashing into an unending procession of obstacles. One really tedious level tasks you with protecting a set of towers while attempting to dispatch the encroaching forces by breathing fire on them, whipping them with your tail or firing magic arrows. The premise is fine, and the spectacle's not bad at all, it's just that you'll lose most of your energy in no time at all unless you're prepared to keep diving into caves to munch on a dove. Designed around a very short loop, you repeatedly take out the same set of forces over and over again until an arbitrary health bar is diminished (despite the fact that the same forces you burned to a crisp reappear a minute after you've flown past them). All told, the process takes far too long and proves unwieldy, and is a classic example of a team struggling to make any portion of the game fun to play.

Eragon [Xbox Classic]

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