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Santiago Stewart
Santiago Stewart

Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Bundle [WAV-MIDI] EXCLUSIVE

There's nothing quite like the sound of a beautiful and powerful voice soaring over your music, adding emotion and depth to your production. And with this vocal bundle, you'll have access to a stunning collection of over 900 acapellas, ad-libs, phrases, vocal loops and one-words, all expertly crafted by seven professional male and female vocalists from around the globe.

Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Bundle [WAV-MIDI]

But what sets this vocal bundle apart is its quality and versatility. Every vocal has been professionally recorded and edited to ensure that it fits seamlessly into your production, with pristine sound quality and impeccable pitch. And with a total size of 2.48 GB, you'll have an expansive library of vocal sounds to choose from.

Purchasing this bundle can save you time and money. Instead of hiring vocalists and paying for studio sessions, you can get access to a variety of professional-quality vocal samples at a fraction of the cost. 041b061a72


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