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Luke Edwards

[S4E11] Catch Me If You Can

Jeremy manages to shoot Damon in the head to give himself a head start, but Damon soon catches up with him in the woods. Elena appears and begs Damon to ignore Kol's compulsion with his love of Elena, but it is futile; he nearly attacks Jeremy but Stefan arrives and subdues him. Elena is amazed to see Stefan. Damon is locked in the basement until the issue is solved. Stefan refuses to allow Elena to see him for fear she will let Damon out because of her Sire Bond. Elena assumes he is still hurt, but he claims that he is no longer in love with her, leaving her visibly affected. Stefan goes to Rebekah and claims he is over Elena, leading to them having sex.

[S4E11] Catch Me If You Can

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That said, according to Paramount's earnings presentation (opens in new tab) "Clifford" drove more subscriptions than "Star Trek" last year. If you need to catch up on "Discovery" so far, check out our Star Trek: Discovery streaming guide or our overall Star Trek streaming guide for the full franchise.)

So again, thank you for coming on the show. We're going to wrap this one up. Remember everyone, it's not just diagnostics, it's diagnostics done right. And you've got to make sure you have good high quality products that you're using. Save pennies somewhere else. Don't save when it comes to critical componentry such as this. API is doing a great job out there, helping make sure we're all safe in buying well-known products that are safe to use. So thank you much, guys. We'll catch you next episode. Like, comment, share, subscribe, it all helps us. See you next time. 041b061a72


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