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Luke Edwards

Printstation Full Version Torrent High Quality

You can also specify arbitrary number of torrent files and Metalinkdocuments stored on a local drive. Please note that they are alwaystreated as a separate download. Both Metalink4 and Metalink version3.0 are supported.

Printstation Full Version Torrent

This method adds a BitTorrent download by uploading a ".torrent" file.If you want to add a BitTorrent Magnet URI, use the aria2.addUri()method instead. torrent must be a base64-encoded string containing thecontents of the ".torrent" file.uris is an array of URIs (string). uris is used forWeb-seeding. For single file torrents, the URI can be a complete URIpointing to the resource; if URI ends with /, name in torrent fileis added. For multi-file torrents, name and path in torrent areadded to form a URI for each file.options is a struct and its members are pairs of option name and value.See Options below for more details.If position is given, it must be an integer starting from 0. The newdownload will be inserted at position in the waiting queue. Ifposition is omitted or position is larger than the current size of thequeue, the new download is appended to the end of the queue.This method returns the GID of the newly registered download.If --rpc-save-upload-metadata is true, theuploaded data is saved as a file named as the hex string of SHA-1 hash ofdata plus ".torrent" in the directory specified by --dir option. E.g. a file name might be0a3893293e27ac0490424c06de4d09242215f0a6.torrent. If a file with thesame name already exists, it is overwritten! If the file cannot be savedsuccessfully or --rpc-save-upload-metadata is false,the downloads added by this method are not saved by --save-session.

List of registered client versions + IlibHSbittorrent (this package) + Unknown (for not recognized software). All names are prefixed by I because some of them starts from lowercase letter but that is not a valid Haskell constructor name. 350c69d7ab


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