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Snow Plow Simulator Gui __FULL__

Each sensor added to the scene can have a JavaScript-based script file attached to it. Within the script file, functions are defined that will be called according to the interaction between the sensor and the driver or scenario entity. Different actions are initiated based on how the sensor is being stimulated. In addition to sensors, a path object allows you to define an off-roadway path for vehicles, characters or objects to follow at your command. Markers allow you to position objects in the scene without knowledge of a simulator coordinate system.

Snow Plow Simulator Gui

MDSS forecasts have been used for many years. INDOT also has developed a series of dashboards characterizing road conditions, position of plow trucks, and application rates. This project will conduct a systematic unit-by-unit evaluation on how close the units follow MDSS forecasts (application rates, deployment times) and the corresponding road conditions. After action reviews to see how close MDSS came to forecasting location, severity, and timing of winter events will also be conducted.

Traditional snowplow driver training is conducted before the snow season on a yearly basis to assure safety as well as quality of operations. However, it does not replicate the conditions drivers will be exposed to during winter operations. To this point, other states are adding snowplow driving simulators in their training using different equipment and training configurations. This study proposes to synthesize the information available from previous literature, other DOTs and manufacturers to provide recommendations to the Indiana DOT related to the use of snowplow driver simulators in training for winter operations.

There is a need to leverage the deployed fleet of trucks with spreader/plow data logging capability to monitor how winter operation assets are deployed, construct performance measures charts, and identify best practices for material application rates. 041b061a72


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