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Learn from the Pros: Wheeler Dealers Share Their Tips and Tricks for Flipping Cars

Used car buyers are protected under Pennsylvania law from purchasing a vehicle with certain problems, such as a damaged transmission, a bent or broken frame, or a cracked engine block. Unfortunately, despite the existence and enforcement of these rules, many used car dealers continue to sell defective vehicles to unsuspecting consumers, which can have devastating consequences for not only buyers, but also anyone else on the road.

crack the code wheeler dealers

It is possible, however, for wronged consumers to hold used car dealers accountable for failing to disclose certain damage, including a cracked engine block. If you were sold a defective vehicle, it is important to consult with an experienced used car fraud attorney who can help you seek compensation for your losses.

If you are found driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield, you will likely be given a ticket. If you are informed during an inspection that your windshield is not up to code, you have 48 hours to repair the windshield (if you are caught operating the vehicle after that period with the windshield still cracked, you can be arrested and given a court date).

The key debates are thus: Which automakers will crack the code of EV profitability first, what bold actions and visions will they pursue, and, as a result, how will the global automotive industry be permanently reshaped?

Chinese automaker Li Auto does currently offer over-the-air software upgrades. However, like many of the automakers on this list, it has yet to crack the code for firmware updates. Li Auto currently offers OTA software updates to driver interface components within its EVs.

A number of drugs, from crack cocaine to prescription opioids, have street names. Using these code words allows individuals, including teens, to hide drug use from parents, teachers and police officers.


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