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A Little More 25.mp4

The McLaren MP4-12C is an amazing vehicle. It was designed to be just a little bit better than the Ferrari 458 Italia in every metric, and it succeeded. Some may prefer the Ferrari subjectively, but the Macca is objectively faster. More still, every year McLaren has updated the car, making it even better, and offered the upgrades to existing MP4-12C owners free of charge. Yup, a 2011 McLaren can be taken into a dealership and upgraded to 2013 spec at no charge.

a little more 25.mp4


Again this format was brought forward to the launch and initial test version of the 2012 MP4-27. Only in the last days of Barcelona testing did the revised front end appear. Gone was the snowplough and the straight wing profile. In their place was a simpler nose cone and a pair of vanes dropping vertically from the nose. While the more complex split wing profile was reintroduced. With EBDs less powerful this year, teams are finding downforce levels are lower. We could conclude that the snowplough and straighter wing arrangement were better for downforce, so the new simpler arrangement may be a more efficient way of producing less downforce.

The other change in China was the deletion of the slots in the small cascade winglet. The slots would have reduced the strength of the vortex produced by the winglet, removing the slots will have increased them. This change will be made in order to direct a stronger airflow around the inside face of the front wheel.As the team get to grips with the new exhaust regulations and start to develop more downforce, potentially some of these solutions could return. So any reappearance will tell us a story of development and aero load figures in 2012.

Then onto the exhaust system, weighing about 3kg each exhaust is hand made from thin sections of inconnel welded together. Although the 4-into-1 exhaust is one assembly, there is some play in the primary pipes joints with the collector, so fitting the four exhaust pipes to the studs on the engine requires a little fiddling. Each exhaust pipe bolts to the exhaust port with three nuts, two above and to the side of the exhaust pipe, and one centrally below.

Suspension on F1 cars has the joint purpose to control the cars attitude both for aerodynamics and tyre dynamics. These often contradictory requirements have lead to compromises, largely against tyre performance and more to the benefit of aero control. Aerodynamicists want the car to run flat (or raked) with little change in roll or ride height. For mechanical grip the car needs softer attitude control. This has lead F1 cars to run quite stiff front ends and softer rear ends, both in roll and heave. A soft rear ARB creates more mechanical grip, which then in turns needs to be controlled by a stiff front anti roll bar. For aerodynamics reasons the front wing and splitter like to be flat to the track surface to gain most downforce, thus this also tends to require a stiff anti roll bar.At the extreme end of this set up characteristic this has been exhibited most clearly in McLarens handling. The car gains traction from the soft rear anti roll bar, but the stiff front roll bar means that the rear heavy car tends to roll at the rear and this picks up the inside front wheel going into turns.On a side point although McLaren run what has been called a stiff front axle, their apparent problem with grip over bumps going into turns is not necessarily a reflection of this set up, more that the cars aero requires tight ride height control, it is possible to run stiff anti roll bar and still have a compliance for coping with bumps.

With the design of next years car leading towards a widespread adoption of pullrod, the option to adopt side spring-less will be attractive to aid packaging. Although the side spring-less pushrod set up will also allow dampers and rockers more freedom to be packaged at the front of the gearbox casing. Adoption at the front of the car is possible too, there is lesser need as the front roll rate is higher and the torsion bars can add to the effective rate. But simpler packaging and tuning may still be attractive for a designer.

In preparation for the final races, McLaren have developed another iteration of their F-duct rear wing. The new version places the stalling slot onto the rear face of the main plane of the rear wing, where the previous versions had all placed the slot on the rear face of the flap. This is a subtle change and effects the way the wing stalls to create improve aero efficiency (i.e. more straight-line speed, or more downforce for a given top speed).

An ideal situation would be a wing with steep angles of attack for downforce in the corners, where drag is of little consequence. Then a nice flat wing for the straights, where less drag improves top speed and downforce is not required to give the car grip. Without being legally able to move the wing itself(albeit this will allowed in 2011) there has no mechanism to create this effect in F1.

It's a little tricky cause it's basically old TV standard stuff and you want to make it modern export. Same fps, same dimensions, same pixel ( par ) size, but you can now make it progressive instead of interleaved.

Properly converting VHS to digital will require specialized equipment that's way beyond the scope of PC do-it-yourselfers. This specialized equipment will be much more expensive than even the most expensive of Macs and servers. If the discussion starter MUST do this conversion him/herself using the aforementioned Elgato device, then I would recommend keeping the 640 x 480 resolution, Pixel ratio set to "Square Pixel (1.0)," Field Order set to "None (Progressive scan)," and then exporting the edited result to 320 x 240 resolution (using a 1.0 pixel ratio) or 352 x 240 (using the "NTSC DV (0.9091)" pixel ratio).

I did exaggerate the cost of the specialized hardware. Good analog-to-digital capture cards or devices cost a lot more than $100 (which is the current street price of that Elgato device). In fact, more like close to $500 - about what a higher-end discrete graphics card would cost. (A very good analogy is if that Elgato device were like a GeForce GT 1030, then the good, proper capture devices would be more like an RTX 2070 SUPER. Just like the RTX 2070 SUPER is that much more powerful than the GT 1030, the proper Grass Valley card would be better than the Elgato by a very similar margin.)

Use a 4 head S-VHS with component output and Time base correction to reduce fringing and poor color. If you can find one used in TV stations, they are professional quality. Clean with alcohal on the heads, run dummy tape cleaner. You'll want to stay away from composite. It is an old, noisy way to combine all singals. s-video is a little better. Use component intead, as it is the best. If you want the best deinterlace possible, I recomend QTGMC or equivalent. Adobe's deinterlacer is not bad, but it can be better.

And I have stated that 240p export is recommended in the case of the Elgato capture In this case, both cheap hardware and software upconverting are terrible. Had more expensive specialized capture hardware been used instead, then I would have exported as 4:3 480i. You simply cannot improve or even maintain the image quality of an already degraded capture to begin with.

There are a myriad of cheap, cheap, cheap second hand devices out there - you can pick up a Snell & Wilcox hardware unit that sold for tens of thousands of pounds for a couple of hundred these days from auction sites such as Techbid in the UK and there are certainly US versions. Avoid eBay as you have no idea if these devices are fully functional and with eBay it is sadly a case of Caveat Emptor at all times. I speak as someone who has been burned more than once on eBay before I finally got the message.

Click the Trim button on the left to get the Trimming window. There are many situations you want to cut. You may want to cut the end or the start of the video or cut the middle of the video, etc. Different situations will have different steps. You can learn more details about trimming MP4 videos >. In this part, we mainly introduce the situation if you want to cut the end or the start of the MP4 video.

Despite its name, the Weeny program doesn't make you hysterical with giggles. It is another free-to-download video cutter and converter that is geared more towards making files compatible with uploads to YouTube and Facebook videos. It can convert MP4 into many other formats and contains no watermark when exported, unlike loads of other free software downloads. Weeny works great for small or large files and doesn't require any additional fees for exporting to certain formats. Now, if only the name of the software could be converted into something a 12-year-old boy would laugh with his friends about it.

For the MP4 video editor who hasn't quite grasped the advanced processes of some of the previous software programs, there exists a user-friendly program from ImTOO Software Studio called Movie Maker. Whether downloaded on its own or bundled with ImTOO's other more advanced products, such as more in-depth audio tools, you can input and export your videos into a bevy of different formats that are compatible with all web sites, social media platforms, and even gaming consoles. It comes as a free download with limitations or you can buy it for $49.95.

It has "fun" in the title, so it must be just what the doctor ordered! This free-to-download iOS application lives up to its name by providing plenty of in-app purchases that include such fun things as Thug Life sticker packs, ghost effects, and even the ability to purchase all of the extra content for $6.99. Gone are the days of boring splicing for mobile videos. Funimate includes that user-friendly interface for the less experienced editor and so much more.

Video Joiner is a little more cut-and-dry for the express purpose of helping you cut those home movies together in another free app and still making things a little less complicated for the user. Its name describes its purpose to a T: to seamlessly join together multiple videos and formats of video to make one general video to be exported or uploaded to social media or to your iPhone or iPad. As with all of the previous apps, Video Joiner also has the capability to be upgraded to the Pro version for a very small amount of money: 99 cents. 041b061a72


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