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Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards

Blood Moon Download REPACK

It enhances all textures (resampled orginals 2x), all effects (like particles blood splatters or bullet holes), modify AI (more agressive and can see you from a mile), change gunplay (guns have proper names and can shoot far away like in reality - shootouts are real fun now), changed damage input and output for every firearm or melee weapon (you give as much damage as you recive from foes),menu is changed a little to better fit whole snuff theme(and "Kill the Rabbit" is now properly named "Pool of Tears"), every scene has now it's own self made loading picture and Cash has finally thumbs :)

Blood Moon download

A explorer ventures out on a rainy night to explore Bloodmoon church and cemetery which is said to be home to urban legends and paranormal activity. It is the night of the rare blood moon, and legends foretell of a certain protector roaming this area who's specifically protecting the locked up church. Now it is up to you to explore the area, find a way into the church and solve the mystery behind this place.

This product will include a download with written instructions, a supply list, a tracing stencil you can print, and a video tutorial. This purchase will NOT include any physical product at all. This is a download with on-demand video.


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