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As an anime fan, I am an anomaly, as I am a housewife in my mid 40's. I discovered anime pretty late in life, when I bought a copy of "Spirited Away" for my kids to watch, and I became hooked on Japanese animation. I've watched a variety of shows over the past four years, and for some shows I can't help but wonder who is the intended audience. For example, I think that "Honey and Clover" would appeal to adults of any age. And while "Bokura ga Ita" probably appeals to teens, the subject matter is pretty mature (maybe best for an adult to watch and discuss with their teenage child). So who watches anime in Japan? Who reads manga? All ages, or is it like the US where (I assume) most fans are preteens for the young stuff (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! etc.) and teens/ twenties for the rest? (I'm referring to mainstream shows here; hentai is not an interest of mine.)Interesting question but difficult to answer, really.In terms of manga, it's extremely widespread in Japan; there's no social stigma attached to it, and as has been said many times before, it's postulated that manga is more popular than television there. There are manga aimed at almost every conceivable demographic, from toddlers to seniors to housewives to college kids, and generally, it works the same way it works here. Take for example something like One Piece; primarily it's kids and younger teenagers reading, but the series has a crossover audience with college kids and adults, as well. There's no hard and fast rule that "only girls read Ouran High School Host Club", even though that's the target demo.Anime is kind of a different beast; only Miyazaki films are really considered mass mainstream events, outside of gigantic Shonen Jump properties like Naruto or Bleach. Anime on television is primarily aimed at either children, teenagers or college students, and most of the shows aimed at the latter are aired after midnight. There are a few exceptions though; a show called Sazae-san has been attracting major prime-time ratings for over 30 years now.

Laura Joseph added: The lead up to Christmas is often a busy time for all with a long to-do list in preparation for the big day. We all want to make sure our Christmas cards and presents to loved ones arrive in time and our Postmasters across our 11,500 branches can help with that.

Also based on the e-mail she receives, Rebecca says there are three types of parents: parents too busy/absorbed in their lives, parents who feel helpless, and parents who succumb to a type of peer pressure from other parents who are not standing up for godly values.

Here are some interesting facts Rebecca found from the Kaiser Family Foundation: children are exposed to 6 and half hours of media a day; the No. 1 type of music is hip hop; No. 1 TV network viewed by girls is MTV; children are exposed to hardcore pornography on the internet. Rebecca says homes are the worst environment for children, right now they can look at porn on the internet in the sanctity of their bedrooms.

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