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[S3E3] Fountain

Prior to being moved, the fountain, which sat in front of a picturesque row of Bostonian-style townhouses, was a big and small screen stalwart, having appeared in such productions as Dennis the Menace, Bewitched, The Monkees, The Partridge Family and Hocus Pocus.

[S3E3] Fountain

Efrain is a jester of sorts. He takes Daniel to get water which miraculously spills out of a hidden fountain every Tuesday at 5 pm. Once he's filled his jugs, he takes off on his cargo bike (basically a reverse tricycle with a cart up front where Daniel sits) and rides through the zombie-filled streets with a tape-player that simply repeats the word "agua" over and over again. Agua. Agua. Agua.

Efrain takes Daniel and the water to a group of outlaws living outside the grip of the tyrant, Dante, who we met last week and who has Strand prisoner in his fortress. Dante controls the water, but it turns out that his water expert is funneling water to that fountain on the sly.

In any case, one thing leads to another and soon Daniel is in Dante's inner circle. When Dante discovers he was a soldier and a killer (Daniel says he's killed 96 people!) he brings him on board. And here's where things get interesting. We know Daniel isn't happy with how Dante is running things, but then it's almost like he goes back to being a bad guy. He turns in Efrain and the fountain, telling Lola that it was only a matter of time before they found it and caught everyone, including her.

One of the most beautiful parks in Paris is that of Jardin du Luxembourg. Designed in an Italianate style, the park is most beautiful to visit during the summer months when you can rent little toy boats to push across the central fountain and sit and read your book for hours.

Louanne does not participate in meetings or almost any other event. Her mini water fountain is a unique identifier of Louanne's desk, as it appears throughout the series on numerous occasions. While Louanne's last on camera appearance is in Season 3, her desk continues to appear to be in use, as many papers and folders litter the surface and her signature water fountain and computer monitor are turned on.

Considering her absence from every meeting and almost all events, Louanne may have been a corporate employee, like Toby. She may also have worked in human resources as well, inferring from a binder on her desk in "Hot Girl" that says "Nutritional Healing" and her plants and water fountain that were intended to induce a calming effect. However, Dwight mentions in "The Dundies" that there are no female HR employees.

Casey notes how many lives are at stake if the party continues, and so poses as an angry neighbor, fed up with the noise from the party. Using a hose, he soaks the party goers, who soon evacuate the courtyard. Chuck and Sarah, meanwhile, prepare to assault Stromberg's men, Sarah with guns and Chuck with a tiki torch. When the men enter the courtyard, a standoff situation occurs as the guards draw their weapons. Chuck persuades Sarah and Casey to drop their weapons, then throws the tiki torch into the central fountain, which had been filled with "Jail Juice," a highly flammable alcoholic mix concocted by Jeff. An explosion occurs, causing enough of a distraction for Casey and Sarah to take out Stromberg's men. However, Stromberg still has Carina and the weapon. Chuck attempts to reason with Stromberg, saying he understand Stromberg's situation, and Carina backs this up by playing on Stromberg's love for her and explaining that although it was at first just an assignment, she had fallen for him. Stromberg believes this, letting his guard down long enough for Carina to quickly dispatch him. 041b061a72


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