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Buy Suunto Watch

For those who like listening to music during exercise, you can also pair your Bluetooth earphones with the Suunto 7. You can use music streaming services like Spotify on the watch, but it doesn't allow you to download music directly. Although you can only mirror Spotify in the watch with your phone, you can transfer your music from Google Play Music directly to the Suunto 7.

buy suunto watch

The Suunto 9 prices vary per model. Suunto 9 watches have a retail price of $329 USD, while Suunto Baro watches cost $499 USD. Special editions of Suunto Baro watches are also available, with the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium costing $599 USD and the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Ambassador Edition having a price of $749 USD.

The Suunto Core is an amazing outdoor watch that has loads of features such as an altimeter, barometer, and compass. Although it lacks a GPS feature, it still has a lot to show for a smart sports watch. Many users also enjoy its comfortable elastomer strap, smooth user interface, and easy-to-use buttons that give the watch an edge in everyday wear.

The Suunto Core has waterproof buttons that are useful for swimming, snorkeling, and some shallow water diving as deep as 32.8 feet (10 m). This watch also features a depth meter for snorkeling, as well as storm alarms and temperature features. Skiers, climbers, and hikers also get something out of the watch because it also has an altitude log that records the true vertical height gained as well as the ascent, descent, and number of runs.

In addition to their dedicated craft in compasses and dive computers, Suunto also ventured into a wider market. They introduced products that are suited not only for diving but many other outdoor activities as well. In 1998, the company introduced the Suunto Vector, a sports watch with an altimeter, barometer, and compass. They also released the Suunto Ambit in 2012, adding a built-in GPS and body monitoring system to the watch.

3. The watches are stylish. Although their watches are remarkably functional timepieces, Suunto also makes sure to take aesthetics into account. Their stylish designs provide a clean, modern feel and are sure to spark interest wherever you go.

This speed sensor is unique in that it can record offline (sans-watch), making it perfect for a commuter bike quietly recording your rides. But it's also a standard ANT+/BLE sensor that pairs to your device. It's become my go-to speed sensor.

Hello ray,Thanks for the write up. Did you encounter issues with sleep tracking and resources?How did you found them compared to Garmin?Having the S9P and already having had a F6S in the past I agree with you regarding the lack of speed of this watch. Also myself regarding sleep I had some errors in sleeping time. Regarding resources apparently there is a bug that puts it into zero when you do some activity like yoga.

I was REALLY liking this watch, until I saw no easy was to do NP. To me, that is the most important data field when doing a race. I hope they make this adjustment, as I am really liking the sound of it otherwise!

I would like to see altimeter tests in your articles. For me as an alpinist altimeter accuracy is definitely more important thing then 90% of mostly unusable stuff with which sports watches are filled today. In the past I had Suunto Core , Garmin FR 935 and 945 and noticed that accuracy of barometric readings on new garmin watches are totally unreliable in compare to good old Suunto Core. I assume that quality of baro sensors is dropping despite the fact that prices for new watches are going up. I hope that new Suuntos are not going the same way then Garmin since I am planning to get this one.

@Yannick what watch you think has good wrist bands ? I had the A2 Sapphire, A3 Peak, Fenix 6 S Sapphire, and now the S9P, and the S9P is the most confortable I ever tried.Curious what can we have better.

BTW: I find it annoying that new smartwatches designs are still not squeezing the bezel and frame in order to make bigger screens (as happened in the smartphones area). I understand that they have many hardware to put inside and that big screens consume more battery but I think they can improve anyway. Currently there is more surface dedicated to bezel and frame than to screen itself.

Greatly appreciate your work Ray, thank you! Read this and your reviews on HR chest straps. Great info and mostly comments on Garmin integration. Bought a Peak 9 to replace Ambit 3. Nice idea to have watch-free strap recording, but what I really need/priority, is HR strap which works with watch when cycling and open water swimming, so i get unified accurate results in Suunto app when done. Any recommendations on best solution/strap?

Hello, I tried to import an old gps activity on suunto app but the ascent and descent field is 0 (it should be more than 1000mt / 1000mt). I have used strava, TP and Garmin connect but still the same problem. Has anyone had the same problem?

I will recieve my Peak this next week and want to know your thoughts about its wrist HR perfomanceI am suunto user since many years (ambit series almost all, spartan, 9, and 9 baro red and of course the core essential). I did test the wahoo rival and was surprised with the performance of the wrist HR , it was good.Thinking that almost all wrist sensors work similarly i find out that maybe the wahoo did perfome due to the design of the sensor with its form that help to a different type of contact with the skin.Thanks for your feedback and as soon as i receive my Peak will comment on it

Great review ! Nice looking watch apart from that gaping black bezel around the screen, they could have added a nice ceramic diver style bezel in that space to complete the classy look. Instead it just looks dated already.

Can anybody of you Suunto users tell me if it is possible to import route on watch during activity in progress. For example, if you want to change a route during your hike but wanted route is not on a watch. So you take a phone and draw a new route on a suunto app or strava route builder, save it, synchronize and start a route. If this is Garmin device, you need to stop recording, save activity and only then you can synchronize watch to start a new route. This way you have two activities you need to merge later on a computer which is very impractical. Is this the same with Suunto devices? What about Coros?

I bought the Suunto 9 last year and lost the power lead. I was promised a replacement by Suunto and then after 15 communications with them (most of which were not replied to) I had to give up and buy it new. Los of apologies and no action- really poor for a $900 watch.

Suunto Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures and markets sports watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto employs more than 300 people worldwide, and its products are sold in over 100 countries. Although globally active, the headquarters is placed next to the factory, in which most of the work stages are still handcrafted. Suunto is a subsidiary of Amer Sports, owned since 2019 by the Chinese group Anta Sports,[1][2][3][4] with sister brands Wilson, Atomic, Sports Tracker, Salomon, Precor, Arc'teryx.

Suunto makes multi-function electronic wristwatches such as the Core, Ambit, Vector, X-Lander, and X10, which can provide a variety of functions including compass bearings, altitude, training effect and even GPS location, depending on model. Suunto's multi-function electronic sport watches are made for different sports like sailing, golfing, hiking, mountaineering, alpine skiing and training.

Suunto Vector was the world's first outdoor watch with ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass) functions. Released in 1998, it was available almost unchanged until it was discontinued in 2015. There was also a HR version of Vector, adding basic heart rate functions.[citation needed]

The M-series are a successor of T-series (except for T6). The M-series is more of an entry-level fitness lineup, while T-series was more aimed at sports training. The M-series include the basic heart monitors M1 and M2 (same watch, different heart rate strap) and M4 and M5 with more advanced functions, most of which electronic coaching for specific goals, such as weight control or improving physical performance. M4 went out of production in 2013.

Suunto Ambit series, with the first version released in 2012 and later having included Ambit2 and Ambit3 lineups. These include GPS, ABC-functions, rechargeable battery, advanced training functions (in training functions Ambit is a successor of T6) and updatable software. User can modify many of the functions of Ambit according to individual preferences. Different apps are also available, and users can also create their own apps. Limited in production amounts, Ambit2 S Black Limited Edition has been available from June 2015. Ambit3 adds smartphone connectivity as its main improvement. On September 29, 2015 Ambit3 Peak Nepal Edition was released. There is no other difference between this and the normal version besides "Nepal Edition" text on the screen and a bit different bezel, but of every watch sold are donated to Red Cross for humanitarian aid and rebuilding in Nepal. On January 7, 2016 Ambit3 Vertical was introduced. It adds more comprehensive tracking of vertical movement and introduces a redesigned body.

Suunto Core is an ABC-watch (A=altitude, B=barometer, C=compass). Since its release in 2007 there has been more than 30 different versions of Core. All of them have the same functions, but their external appearance differ. Most versions have plastic frames, but some are made of aluminum and two of them are made of stainless steel. Most of the Core versions are no longer in production. There are some limited, numbered editions of Core, such as Everest Edition (8848 made, in honor of Apa Sherpa's 21 ascents on Mount Everest), Red Bull X-Alps Edition (864 made, according to the length of the race), and Extreme Edition (3000 made). Suunto celebrated its 75th anniversary by releasing Anniversary Edition (in some countries known as Alpine edition). Core All Black is often erroneously referred to as Core All Black Military or Core Military, but such nominations are not official and such "military" versions do not exist. Core is said to have named after its including core elements needed in this type of watch. 041b061a72


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