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[Zuzy] Arena

The Veterans Memorial Coliseum is a 12,000-seat arena that serves as the primary home for the WHL Winterhawks, and served as the original home of the Trail Blazers. The arena opened in 1960 and was dedicated to serve as a memorial to veterans from all wars.

[Zuzy] Arena

Home to the St. Lawrence riding team, the Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall is located on the edge of the St. Lawrence University campus. A state-of-the-art riding facility complete with 54 stalls and a heated 220 x 200 indoor arena complete with Euro Felt footing, the facility also consists of 30 acres of grass turnout, available for university-owned horses and student boarders, along with multiple smaller all-weather paddocks. The riding arena is easily accessible to campus by the Avenue of the Elms. The Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall has hosted numerous IHSA Regional and Zone Championship events as well as its own hunter derby and summer show series.

Legends of Appleton Room - With its south-facing views of Appleton's main entrance and campus fields, the Legends of Appleton Room is the largest social space in the arena. The Legends of Appleton Room honors Bill Torrey '57, for his impact on both St. Lawrence Hockey and the professional hockey world. The space was made possible by the Torrey and MacAllaster families.

After the album came out in February, the band began a four-week tour of the United States starting with Los Angeles. On February 4, the band played at the Nassau Coliseum with Blue Öyster Cult, and played with Suicide the next day at CBGB. A week after this, the band played with Blue Öyster Cult again in Poughkeepsie, to which Johnny relates: "Those arena shows were a little better for us, although we would have more bad experiences in those big places. I never really enjoyed playing them."[6] The band used their newly designed logo as a backdrop at concerts. They also had more advanced lighting techniques, but still only used white lights.[6]

Inside "U", Kei takes on the form of a Dragon, a notorious creature disrupting the balance inside the world of "U" through his aggressive behavior. Despite holding the record for consecutive wins in the material arts arena, he is known to fight dirty and ruin the matches by attacking until his opponent's data is broken down in its entirety. This expresses through freezing an enemy after being repeatedly struck by the Dragon's swift claws. The only people who have managed to beat him in a fight were able to do so due to him suddenly discontinuing the match, appearing to be distracted. Because of his immense power, he is being chased down by the Justices, a group of corps inside "U" that aim to keep the balance within the virtual space. By dismantling his online presence, they aim to get rid of the Dragon for good, though even in high numbers do not seem to stand a chance against him. While the majority of the userbase within "U" hates the Dragon, he is incredibly popular with young kids.

The Greater Flint Hockey Association started back in 1969 with the opening of the Flint IMA Sports Arena, an arena complex built by the Flint IMA Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated towards giving back to the community through sports offerings and after school activities geared towards youth. Back then there were some 60 youth hockey teams. The teams and other youth activities were supported through the Flint IMA food stores and vending machine operations located in Flint area General Motors plants. The teams continued to prosper throughout the 70's and 80's until the Flint IMA vending services were discountinued in GM factories by GM, replaced by other vending services which didn't give back to the community. In the late 80's and with funding opportunities becoming harder to come by, the Flint IMA Foundation sold the Flint IMA Sports Arena to the city for $1 for back taxes owed. Through an agreement with the city, the Flint IMA Foundation continued to offer hockey programs at the arena, but at a higher cost. Instead of GFHA, it was now called Flint IMA youth hockey. The Flint IMA Spirits youth hockey program turned into the Flint IMA Sabres youth hockey program turned into the Flint IMA Generals youth hockey program and it continued at the Sports Arena throughout the 90's until 2008 when the Flint IMA discontinued offering youth hockey, as it became too expensive of a program for a foundation struggling for funding. In the 2008-09 season, the Greater Flint Hockey Association was resurrected to replace the Flint IMA program and we continued to operate out of the Sports Arena (now named Perani Arena and owned by an insurance company through foreclosure) until 2012 when arena management decided it would no longer allow our association to operate in its buildings (Perani Arena and Iceland Arenas) choosing instead to favor EMHA after we refused a forced merger in which GFHA would no longer exist and we'd become a part of EMHA. We opted to remain GFHA and as a result, we were forced to find a new home and as we exited, we were told to leave all of our equipment we had obtained over the years. With our equipment being taken from us by Perani Arena and searching for a new home, we agreed with Ice Mountain Arena to move there but soon after the agreement was made, Ice Mountain closed. It remained closed for two years and we remained without a home. Ice Mountain was recently sold and renamed Crystal Fieldhouse. They accepted us as their youth hockey association. We now have a new home with a grand opening day of September 7th, 2014, a day for us and Flint area youth hockey to have a new beginning.

Although the Arena was demolished in 2010 to make a newer arena across the street, the memories of the old space continue to be felt by music lovers. And so, WYEP has done exhaustive research to reconstruct as much Civic Arena history as possible. Below you will find a comprehensive list of popular music concerts that took place at the Arena. If you spot any errors or omissions, please let us know!

The partnership will initially result in new vegan food options at North American arenas and has already put Wicked Kitchen on the menu at SAVOR-managed Toyota Arena in Ontario and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Additional venues slated to participate in the initial roll-out include PayCom Arena (home of the Oklahoma Thunder); Long Beach Convention Center in California; Wintrust Arena and McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago; and many more.

The City of Roseau maintains two artificial ice sheets for all ages and skating needs of the community. Memorial Arena, home of Roseau Ram Hockey team is the main arena with bleacher seating, warming house, concessions, and locker rooms. Adjacent to Memorial Arena is the North Rink, which is sponsored by the Roseau Youth Hockey Association. This rink provides artificial ice, boards, locker rooms, and scoreboards for youth hockey practices and games. Both rinks maintain free admission for open skating and open hockey sessions 041b061a72


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