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As a fashion designer, I designed collections for major retailers for many years in Canada, and I specialized in lingerie over the course of my career. I truly enjoyed choosing fabrics and trims, creating color combos, and designing collections that women loved to wear. Although I am no longer a fashion designer, I still have the guilty pleasure of enjoying lingerie (a lot)!

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I can remember the days in the 80s and 90s of the past century when I swore by thong and string panties and wore practically nothing else. Today, my lingerie collection has zero thongs, zero string undies. Not a single one.

The high cut brief is designed with a larger leg opening. These can be more comfortable to wear for some women while still providing adequate coverage at the back. High cut briefs offer a more revealing look, showing more leg.

HINT: White panties or bras are not the best underwear to wear under white clothing. Many women make this mistake. Choose nude (or flesh) colored underwear. Some brands offer them in a variety of shades to match various skin tones.

Choosing lingerie as older women is a very personal experience. The fabric, the color, and the style will all depend on your personal taste, lifestyle, and preference. Of course, we expect sexy lingerie to be less comfortable than our cotton briefs, but we should still feel comfy without anything poking into our skin.

Mature women's thongs with lace panties are sexy, of other quality. They are light, comfortable, and loungewear making them a great item to stock up on. For women, panties provide great comfort and support for the body, as they are light and fragfy, all the benefits are above all. When it comes to tastes, benefits are that they are tight, worn close to the skin, and allows the wearer to see the difference through lace, lace panties, as sexy, and transparent pieces of clothing are available to all. For women who have a t-shirt dress, for, wedding, and night wear, they are more comfortable to wear, and have the ability to see back and forth between their two parts. For women, it is more comfortable to wear underwear, and have a complementary look for their specials.

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Given how little sex or sensuality there is in mainstream American cinema these days, it's no surprise that the Magic Mike movies have been so popular. The first Magic Mike, directed by Steven Soderbergh in 2012, was an irresistible showcase for Channing Tatum and his thong-and-dance routine, though it was also a sharp, realistic portrait of cash-strapped workers getting by in post-recession Florida. Three years later, the director Gregory Jacobs leaned into the erotic spectacle of it all with the exuberant Magic Mike XXL, placing women's desires front and center in a way that made even the first movie look staid.

The possibility of long-term romance didn't really factor into the first two Magic Mike movies, which were all about fleeting transactional encounters. I guess that makes Magic Mike's Last Dance the more mature, thoughtful entertainment, and I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing. Don't get me wrong: Tatum and Hayek Pinault have an on-screen chemistry that's both romantic and collaborative. Their characters' creative back-and-forth becomes a vision of gender parity in action: Max wants to thrill her play's female audience, but she needs Mike's smarts and expertise to do it. Still, there's something a little too dutiful and even dull about the way the characters' mutual attraction ultimately plays out.

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